Free WiFi hotspots in Batna

Places with free WiFi hotspots in city Batna, Algeria - 12.
A list of places in Batna with free internet
Point type Point name Network name Address Category
Cafes and restaurants Hotel chilia / DLink Unnamed Road, Batna, Algérie Free Wi-Fi
Other Batna les alles / DJAWEB_A183 Unnamed Road, Batna, Algérie Wi-Fi with password
Other dilk / ___________ No address Wi-Fi without password
Other Guest / Guest No address Free Wi-Fi
Residential institution W0G02B6O / AT-4GLTE-E5172AS-22-B1444 Rue Abdellah Aissa Batna Algérie Wi-Fi without password
Other home / DJAWEB_A8FC No address Wi-Fi with password
Other tujgdgg / free wifi Unnamed Road Batna Algérie Wi-Fi without password
Other DJAWEB / DJAWEB Unnamed Road Oued El Ma Algérie Wi-Fi with password
Arts and entertainment tgff / idoomAdsl Batna Algérie Wi-Fi with password
Other DJAWEB_D3026 / DJAWEB_D3026 باتنة‎ الجزائر Wi-Fi with password
Other TP-LINK_62E6FC / TP-LINK_62E6FC Route de Biskra Batna Algérie Free Wi-Fi
Other Bou3kal / Paris Rue Guerara Salah, Batna, Algérie Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in Batna

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