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Coffee shops with WiFi near me

22 июля 2016 - Администратор


You never know when you may need Internet connection. Many of us use Internet almost on a 24/7 basis, and it means that connection to the web is very extremely vital to them. In a big city it is even more important, but easier at the same time. Being an urban resident you can even forget about Internet bills from your mobile operator. Just find a place with free WiFi. A coffee shop around the corner will be a perfect place for you to relax, have a cup of delicious coffee and surf the web for as long as you wish paying nothing for this.

Coffee shop with WiFi

Finding Coffee Shops with WiFi near Me Using Wi-Fi Space

Finding coffee shops with WiFi near me using Wi-Fi Space has never been that easy. Today you don’t have to enter a cafe or another place to find out whether they provide free wifi for their customers. Using a helpful mobile app such as Wi-Fi Space you can learn this information in advance. Easy to use principle of operation and seamless interface of Wi-Fi Space will let you see all public places, including coffee shops, with free WiFi.

Coffee shop with WiFi near me

The app will find your location and provide a map of your surroundings. Wifi access points will pop up on the map colored in three colors: red, yellow and green. The color principle is quite understandable, too. A red-colored icon means that the network is limited and you won’t likely know the password. In places with yellow-colored wifi icons free Internet is provided to a venue’s visitors and customers, so people who’ve already visited this place can share a password with other users of Wi-Fi Space. You can contribute to this mutual business, too, once you’ve installed Wi-Fi Space on your smartphone. But the best way to find a coffee shop with WiFi near me and free Internet access is to choose a location marked with a green-colored icon. It means the wifi network is open for any person.

Free WiFi for Your Needs

Coffee shops with free WiFi

Be socially active, make Skype video calls, check your email or read online books while smelling delicious roasted coffee beans. Free WiFi will let you do dozens of online activities without paying a single buck! And do not forget to share this useful information in a Wi-Fi Space hub. The app gets even better thanks to your efforts, too. Its developers are always eager to read your feedback and make the app even more seamless and easy to use.

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