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All modern laptops, tablets and most of the smartphones are equipped with a wi-fi module which allows you to connect to free wi-fi in different public places: libraries, colleges, universities, malls, cafes, restaurants, amusement parks, entertainment centers and other places where there is free wi-fi based wireless internet access. But how do you connect to free wireless internet for your laptop or your smartphone to get an access point for free Wi-fi?

The order of your actions is the following:

  • getting your wi-fi module enabled;
  • activating wi-fi;
  • connecting to the wireless internet.

How do I connect to free wifi?

To connect the laptop to free wireless internet, make sure that wi-fi is enabled. In most models of modern laptops wi-fi module is activated when the personal computer is turned on and the housing indicator light is on. If wi-fi is turned off, you can turn it on using a separate button or lever with an appropriate symbol.

Activating wi-fi on mobile devices

Making sure that wi-fi is active click on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen icon on the wireless network. 

In the list of available networks click on the one where its title is the word “Free” or “Open” or next to which there is no padlock icon. If the network is free and publicly available, your mobile phone or your laptop will connect to the wireless internet. When the connection is successful, a notification appears in the right corner of the screen – it says that you are connected to a wireless network. You can now use the internet as long as you want.

Wireless connection searching

To connect to the wireless Internet with your tablet or smartphone, run the internet browser you prefer. Before making the connection to the internet your smartphone or tablet will notify you that you have wireless networks available and then it may offer you to connect to one of them. Select a free network and then your gadget will connect to it. Most smartphones remember a list of networks to which your mobile device was connected already in the system memory of the gadget, so when you connect to the free network for the second time and more your gadger will be connecting to free wifi automatically. You can connect Easy Wifi Radar in case you use your laptop to make your “wifi hunting” much easier.

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