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Features Wi-Fi in Thailand

25 декабря 2014 - Администратор

If you ask a travel agent about the presence of Wi-Fi in Thailand, you will answer with certainty, that Wi-Fi is everywhere! Indeed, in Thailand, in addition to hotels, Wi-Fi can be found in the internet cafe, the usual bars, mail and even on small islands. But! Internet in Thailand for an extra charge: the more expensive the hotel, the more expensive it will be Wi-Fi.
Even if you are willing to pay a certain sum of money, do not think that you will be able to work, because the speed of the Internet is not just slow, and very slow. You can pay for 2 hours of work and difficult to check the mail.

What to do to use Wi-Fi in Thailand?

Travelers have several options:
  1. Mobile Internet from mobile operator AIS. The operator has more than 50,000 points of access Wi-Fi. Free internet can be 5 hours per month, with the rate as high as 10 Mbit / s.
  2. Annex Wi-Fi Space. Using application Wi-Fi Space, you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots near your location and use the Internet at no cost and as much as you need.
Wi-Fi Space Apps - a great helper in any journey.
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