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Airport Free WiFi

22 июля 2016 - Администратор


Airport is a place where you can get stuck for a long time. Thus for the people who spend dozens of hours in the sky, being desperate travelers or flying on business trips, airports are such public places that have become a second home for them. Airport internet is a great service that can make your waiting hours a bit happier. Just imagine that you are sitting in a closed space, doing nothing and waiting for your flight. Better for you if you’ve got a company and talk to your family and friends, but in other situations, Internet on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is a way of salvation for you. Have fun, get entertained or do serious work via WiFi, being an airport visitor.

Free WiFi in Airports

Free Airport WiFi via Mobile Apps

Free airport WiFi via mobile apps is a great way to get internet access in this limited space. You may find hundreds of similar apps that show you the location of Wi-Fi hotspots, but Wi-Fi Space is probably the most handy and easy to use mobile app at the market. And let us tell you why. This application lets you understand how to get free WiFi at airports, cafes, restaurants, subway, railway stations, etc. The app’s database demonstrated in a form of a mobile map with the icons of WiFi hotspots gets updated on a regular basis. In addition, the other users will inform you how to get connected to the web for free. WiFi access points may be of three different colors on the app’s map:

  • Green (a hotspot icon of this color means that you will be able to get free WiFi connection in this venue);
  • Yellow (this color will give you an opportunity to get connected only if you know a password, which can be shared by the other app users);
  • Red (according to a traffic light principle, an icon of this color means that access at this hotspot is limited and only a certain group of people knows the right password).

Free Airport Wi-Fi via Mobile Apps

Airports with Free Wi-Fi around the World

Airports with free WiFi around the world will be right under your fingertips once you’ve got Wi-Fi Space installed on your smartphone. Internet connection will be a great thing at the airport. Free Wi-Fi will give you an opportunity to stay in touch with your family and friends and entertain yourself, waiting for a plane. Moreover, there is always a chance that your flight may be cancelled or postponed. And these long hours at the lounge will seem a whole life for you. Communicate with your friends in social networks, watch movies and TV-shows on your tablet or laptop or play online mobile games with Wi-Fi Space!

Airport Free WiFi

Free WiFi at airports can also be extremely helpful if you are on a business trip and your flight is delayed. You will easily look through your email box and get in touch with your partners or colleagues due to a free Wi-Fi hotspot. And if your family worries about you and this flight delays, take your chance and make a video call via Skype, showing that you are doing great. Never be bored with free Internet with Wi-Fi Space, explore the area around you even in such a place as an airport!

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