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Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks

22 июня 2017 - Администратор

In keeping abreast with the ever increasing competition especially from other coffee house like MacDonald, Starbucks have also joined the bandwagon of free Wi-Fi establishment.

Before this, to access Wi-Fi at Starbucks was through AT&T Wi-Fi, this was free for two hours after which if you have the Starbucks card, you could access Wi-Fi for free, if not you had to pay $3.99 for two hours of Wi-Fi access.

The concept of free Wi-Fi at Starbucks began in July of 2010 and was made available in all company-owned stores in the United States except those in locations such as supermarkets, hotel, and airports.

Experience Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks

Not all Starbucks have Wi-Fi. Only those in company owned premise, therefore others located in commercial areas such as supermarkets and airports do not have free Wi-Fi. Starbucks pilot program to offer free internet will eventually be rolled out to all its establishments. Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks is intended not only to bring customers but also give them an exciting browsing experience that includes free downloads of their favorite Itunes, access to job search websites for job seekers and even newspaper subscription all for free.


The free Wi-Fi at Starbucks is available with a single click, no sign-up process or purchase involved with this simplicity, it makes it easier for people to access. To achieve this, Starbucks partnered with other media companies and Yahoo to be able to disseminate both the network and content.

  • The best thing about free Wi-Fi in Starbucks is that users will be able to access a broad range of content free, this will include various job search sites, free content from New York Times and USA Today, with this Wi-Fi users, will be able to know what is trending at no cost.
  • Another advantage of the free Wi-Fi in Starbucks is the fact that there will be no advertisement on the network; lack of adverts on the site will limit distractions and hence offer the best browsing experience using free public Wi-Fi.


On the flip side, just like any other network, the free Wi-Fi in Starbucks is prone to security threats such as hacking and therefore it is not secure to use such network for sensitive issues. Despite securing the network, it is impossible to guarantee a total security for Wi-Fi users at the establishment.

Most Starbucks establishment in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Tokyo have embraced the idea of free Wi-Fi while having coffee at your favorite joint.

Free wifi at Starbucks

Public Wi-Fi is a business boost to establishments such as Starbucks. However, if you want to access apps such as Wi-Fi finder, wiffinity, Avast Wi-Fi Finder and Wi-Fi map enables you to find public Wi-Fi and information about them. It is critical to be careful when accessing free Wi-Fi in public places to avoid malicious attacks on your devices.

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