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Free Wi-Fi anywhere

29 февраля 2016 - Администратор


Free Wi-Fi anywhere is necessary for every modern man. Using the Internet capabilities seems to be one of the main features of laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. Thanks to the Internet we can communicate with those who are away from us, learn the latest news, upload gigabytes of music, watch movies online, play browser games and so on. And there is no need to pay for an Internet connection when there are an endless number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in every modern city. You can get free Wi-Fi anywhere, and we're going to help you with it.

How to get free Wi-Fi anywhere?

So we found out that you can connect to free wireless Internet in many places of any modern city. The owners of many institutions use Wi-Fi hotspots to attract new customers by playing on people’s love of being online constantly.

You can get free access to the network at the following locations:

  • in restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants (like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc.), coffee shops (Starbucks, Costa Coffee, etc.);
  • in bars and pubs;
  • in public libraries, book shops;
  • in airports, railway stations, bus stops;
  • in hotels;
  • in the subway.

We decided to create a single map for every city on which all the points of free access to Wi-Fi are marked. If you are thinking, “How can I have access to the Internet without any payments?” simply download our map and find the nearest hotspot from you. We tried to connect all the places where you can get Internet connection for free and we are constantly working on improving the maps for each city. Our information is available anytime and is very popular among tourists who don’t like high prices for Internet access in hotels.

The process of using our maps is very simple: it’s usual Google maps with hotspots that are marked on it. For each institution you can see its name, network name and password (if it’s needed). So if you want to know how to get Wi-Fi anywhere for free - Wifispc.Com will be your best assistant. Of course, there are always several ways to find a free access point to the Internet nearby. For example, wherever you go you can just visit all public places near you and search for a sign saying “Free Wi-Fi”. But agree that using online map gives result easier and faster.

How to get internet anywhere using our map?

If you are thinking, “How do I search for the better Wi-Fi hotspot?” then remember that we have three of the same symbols on all of our maps:

  1. Green spots for places with free Wi-Fi which is not protected by password.
  2. Yellow spots for institutions with free Wi-Fi with password that was found out by us.
  3. Red symbol for that access points that are protected by password which is not known to us yet. But we make every effort to reduce the number of red points at our maps.
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