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Free wifi at Walmart

10 июня 2018 - Администратор

Free wifi at WalmartModern internet users are so accustomed being online that the powerful connection is essential always and everywhere we are. For example, when a family goes shopping to a large hypermarket like Walmart, it may take from 2-3 hours to the whole day. Thus, free Wifi at Walmart is necessary, of course.
We commonly use Wi-Fi to:

  • open the email box;
  • surf the net;
  • answer the urgent messages;
  • chat with friends, colleagues and customers;
  • check the recent news and weather forecasts.

Quite naturally, the Walmart customers are not busy with the online shopping, being in the outlet, as we can find everything within the store. We would not play the games on the way or watch the movies, but listening to the music is quite possible, however.

Thus, when we need to get a powerful internet connection during a shopping trip, we can find free wifi at Walmart or nearby. It’s easy to find the available hotspots, checking the internet speed and the way to access them (with or without password), using the feature-rich mobile application Wi-Fi Space. Just download it and enjoy a lot of advanced opportunities.

The Walmart Stores Background

According to Wikipedia, Walmart is the American-based multinational corporation that manages and operates successfully a chain of stores, clubs and hypermarkets. It was founded in 1962, by Sam Walton, in Arkansas, aiming to helping customers to save money, making difference in their lives.
Due to the significant growth, now (as of January 2018) the corporation has 11,718 retail stores. 4,761 of them are located in the USA, offering powerful and reliable wifi at Walmart. The other ones are operated in 26 countries, including:

  • Argentina;
  • Brazil;
  • Mexico;
  • Chili;
  • Canada;
  • Japan;
  • India.

Operating under 59 different brand names, and including various grocery and department stores, supercenters and clubs, Walmart outlets are company operated. Thus, alternatively to the chains of the popular fast food restaurants, like <a href="">Arby’s</a>, the decision about the wifi hotspots at Walmart empowering, is taken not by the franchisers. Meanwhile, do all of the stores provide internet connection? Let’s check.

Is Free Wifi at Walmart Available?

Multiple Walmart stores and clubs offer free wifi connection. In 2006, the company introduced free wifi at Walmart, namely, in the coffee/sandwich shops and sushi bars that were available within the outlets.

Is Free Wifi at Walmart Available?Additionally, multiple McDonald’s restaurants were incorporated within the Walmart Supercenters, but only till 2007. Later, the company added Burger King outlets to several locations, for example, in Tallahassee, FL.

According to Huffingtonpost, wifi availability enhances the retail experience, making shopping much more pleasurable, letting the customers feel comfortable. That’s why, the corporation’s managers prefered to enable Wifi at Walmart at all outlets like hypermarkets, discount department, grocery stores and clubs. It helped them boost the sales of various items, make the company one of the most profitable retailers in the USA and other countries, and the largest world’s corporation.

However, nobody knows if wifi at Walmart is really available in the certain location. Some customers and Walmart employees complain that they can’t connect the network, basically, due to the certain smartphone’s features limitations.

On the contrary, the other customers that lived just near the Walmart stores admitted that they could connect the hypermarkets’ free wifi automatically, at home. Several years ago (in 2015), the connection was lost, unfortunately.

5 stores were closed in 2015, 269 outlets in 2016. Among the alleged reasons are strikes of the employees that demanded their wages increase and working conditions improvements. Thus, the Walmart corporation focuses on e-commerce nowadays, selling various wifi devices such as routers and modems that help customers to enable internet connection at home or in the cars.

How to Get Connected to Free Wifi at Walmart?

How to Get Connected to Free Wifi at WalmartWifi at Walmart is to be provided for free, without any password. However, the customers are recommended to check the certain location for the internet connection by:

  • calling or sending inquiries to Walmart directly;
  • looking for McDonald’s or Burger King restaurants nearby;
  • getting connected to Wifi networks at the nearest libraries, hospitals or schools.

It is recommended to read and accept the terms of use initially and try to find an answer on the forum. 

Additionally, download and use the feature-rich app “Wi-Fi Space” on your smartphone to get the complete information about the safest and the nearest wifi hotspots at Walmart, the internet speed, security options and the passwords, if necessary.

The interactive maps are available for all countries, states and locations. So, you can use the app 24/7, in an offline mode and find the nearest hotspot easily and fast.

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