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Free WiFi in my area

22 июля 2016 - Администратор


Our everyday activities are closely connected with the Internet. Today you can hardly think of any urban area or office where you don’t have Internet connection. We communicate in social networks, play online games, publish our photos on Instagram, and use city maps on our smartphones. For all these simple activities that we are already accustomed to, we need Internet connection. You can use mobile connection, but downloading much data will cause expensive mobile Internet bills. So how would I get Internet in my area? If you are looking for the cheapest and even free of charge way to keep connected to the web, use WiFi access points. Save your money and be connected everywhere you go – it is easy in a big city with lots of WiFi hotspots in different locations.

Free WiFi in My Area With Wi-Fi Space

Free WiFi in my area with Wi-Fi Space is a great way to find Internet connection in any place you visit. This mobile app was built in order to help urban users feel more active and free even in their native city districts. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there are tons of similar apps for various mobile platforms. However, Wi-Fi Space is a modern one that was created considering all downsides of its previous competitors. Its designers took into consideration bugs and malfunctioning of other apps of this kind and managed to build a better product.

Free WiFi in my Area for Android or Ios

To find wireless Internet in my area is now easier than ever. Wi-Fi Space is a smart app that independently identifies your location. After starting the app, you will see a map of your current location with nearby areas. Whether you change your place, the map will change together with your move. All Internet access points located around you will be shown on this map on your smartphone. Looking at them, you will understand whether they are free to access or limited. The color of hotspot icons may be green, yellow, or red like the traffic light colors.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Space

You can connect to the Internet on a free of charge basis without any passwords if you choose a green color of a WiFi hotspot icon. Free WiFi areas and information on passwords in yellow-lighted areas on the map are shared by other app users. And even data on familiar areas in the city get regularly updated, so you always have a chance to find a new hotspot even closer to you.

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