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Free wireless Internet

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Free wireless Internet has become an excellent way to communicate with family and friends, download music, watch movies online, play browser games, read news and useful information in Wikipedia without any payments. Nowadays you can find the point of free access to the Internet in almost every city on almost any street. It was impossible to imagine it about ten years ago. But now technology has reached unprecedented progress, so you can stay connected 24 hours a day even if you arrived in a foreign country.

How can you find free wireless hotspots whenever you go?

If you are thinking about the answer to the question: "How can I find the spots of free access to the Internet in an unfamiliar city?" we offer you our comfortable and simple service. It contains a large number of interactive maps of many cities around the world. There are almost all the points of free access to a public Wi-Fi displayed on each such map. We have tried very hard to make the search of the connection point for you as simple and fast as possible. All places and establishments where you can connect to a wireless network are displayed on our maps:

  • cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants;
  • bars and pubs;
  • hotels and motels;
  • airports, railway stations, bus stops, subway stations;
  • public libraries, book shops;
  • banks;
  • government agencies, etc.

Free wireless Internet

Of cause, there are different ways to get free access to the Internet. For example, you can simply walk on the nearest street, look into every cafe along the way and find out whether it is free Wi-Fi handing out there. But it will take you much more time and effort. Instead, you can spend just a few moments to open our map of your city, find a place where you are now and the nearest free wireless hotspot. Then you can take your laptop or mobile device and go the place where the free high-speed Wi-Fi is handing out.

How to navigate on our maps of affordable wireless internet?

When you scan for the nearest hotspot in your city using our map, you can find three types of network access points on it: red, yellow and green. You need to know the meanings of these colors to get wireless internet without any problems:

  1. Red hotspots. This symbol we use for the secure access points that are protected by password. You need to be a customer of appropriate institution to find it out. Therefore, these institutions are not the best answer to the question: “How to get free wireless internet?”
  2. Yellow hotspots. Such access points are protected by password too, but you don’t need to find it out because we have already done it for you. You can see the network name and the password after clicking on the icon.
  3. Green hotspots, which are the most numerous. Such points of wireless access to the Internet are completely free, without protecting by password. All that you are required to do to enter the network is just connect to it from your laptop or mobile device.
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