Free hotel WiFi

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Free hotel WiFi for your needs in a foreign country or unknown city will cardinally help you. As a traveler you realize that mobile Internet can be an expensive waste, especially when you are on a budget. So why spend lots of money on your connection, if you can get this service for free? Any Internet activity will cost you nothing, if you get connected to a free access point. But finding a public place offering free Internet may become a problem in the unknown city. That’s when Wi-Fi Space will come to help you.

Free hotel WiFi

Finding Hotels with Free WiFi

Finding hotels with free WiFi has never been easier. The Wi-Fi Space mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet will make your life easier. The help has been designed for travelers, businessmen, students and active social media users or our days.

Hotel WiFi

You will surely understand the app’s functionality once it’s been installed on your iOS or Android-driven device. Wi-Fi Space can be called a map finder that shows your current location and the nearest WiFi hotspot. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, city parks and municipal public organization are included into the app’s list. Their location will be marked on the app’s digital map with wi-fi icons. Pay your attention to the color of these venues.

The green-colored hotspots are preferable – in these places the network is open for any visitor. Wondering how to get free WiFi in hotels marked with a yellow icon, you need to get a password for your Internet connection. This password may be provided by the organization itself, or you can find it in the app’s community shared by another active user of Wi-Fi Space. Red-colored icons mean closed wifi hotspots, and only a small group of people knows the password for connection.

Free WiFi in hotels

Saving Money on Internet Connection

Staying in a hotel free wireless Internet will save your money and be one of the most needed services provided by the hotel. You may be a traveler and Internet will help you stay in touch with your family or share you latest pictures of the places you’ve visited through social accounts. Your business trip may require you to check your e-mail regularly or even do your business online. Wi-Fi Space will help you find the right place and be your Internet connection finder anywhere and anytime.

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