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How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal

5 декабря 2017 - Администратор

Proper, dependable Wi-Fi connection is necessary in any house, for any professional, traveler and person on business. Therefore, a router is commonly placed in the study, sitting or living room. It mainly has a 100 ft. range that is about 30.5 m. However, you would definitely like to be aware how to boost Wi-Fi signal.

how to boost wifi signal

The reason is that you not only connect your PC and TV-set to the network, but use cell phones, laptops and other wireless devices within the house, on the patio or even outdoors.

Nowadays, the newest, advanced household appliances such as microwave oven or washing machine require an internet connection. So, the distance and the strength of Wi-Fi signal are critical.

That’s why, the information how to boost Wi-Fi is highly required, and we try to disclose it comprehensively in this article.

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal at Home?

Several current ways to improve the range and signal’s strength exist. They include:

  • checking or replacing the appliances and devices that interfere the traffic;
  • switching the channels;
  • changing the broadcast mode;
  • relocating the router;
  • upgrading.

Modern appliances (cordless phones, security systems, baby monitors can interfere with the primary Wi-Fi traffic. Metal constructions or furniture can be also hindering. So, check the devices signal and determine how to extend Wi-Fi range.

The settings

Place the router on high places, away from any obstructions or walls. Update the firmware, select the best channel (that enables the clearest signal). Change the broadcast mode, raise the router’s transmitting power.

Upgrading the hardware is often useful, as well. For example, replacing a more advanced and powerful antenna, installing an amplifier or a tinfoil circle can show you the way how to increase Wi-Fi signal.

Thus, if the improvements are really essential, you are recommended to update the router hardware and firmware, check the signal frequency and channel, bandwidth quality control.

Furniture and appliances disposal and even external interferences can be decisive. Thus, just check everything and realize that the reason is eliminated.

How to Increase Wi-Fi Range on Your Smartphone?

how to increase wifi range

If the mobile Wi-Fi connection is commonly poor or if it causes the battery discharging too fast, try to take the following steps:

  • change the frequency to 5Hz;
  • rack the signal;
  •  select the right settings to avoid poor or irrelevant Wi-Fi connections;
  • update the firmware;
  • find the best spot or access point available nearby.

How to Increase Internet Speed

5 Hz band frequency commonly lets you streamline the signal, making it faster and stronger. However, it requires open spaces free of any buildings. An Android or iOS app to track and optimize the signal can be installed. It will instruct you how to improve Wi-Fi signal and help you to do it. The available settings are to be timely checked, as you can select only advanced connections.

If your mobile phone case is metal, it commonly blocks the essential Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, do a fast and efficient speed test to get accurate results. Finally, just find a powerful, secure Wi-Fi hotspot (access point) and use an optimized network.

If you still don’t know perfectly well, how to make Wi-Fi signal stronger, please, read the article or watch the video for additional information.

Alternative Actions How to Get Better Wi-Fi Signal

Quite naturally, your router is to be updated, properly used and maintained to enable strong signal. However, if you are far from this advanced device, for example, in another city, wondering how to extend Wi-Fi, it’s quite possible.

Waikerie free Wi-Fi map

how to increase wifi signal

Just install an advanced, useful free Wi-Fi searching app like Wiffinity or Wi-Fi Space. It involves an interactive map, user’s reviews and fair ratings, distance-finding features. Using an application, you easily find a strong and secure, free Wi-Fi hotspot that is very close to your location.

Thus, now you are informed how to boost Wi-Fi signal. You can surf the net, communicate with friends, work online, watch videos or play games without any obstacles.

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