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How to Change Wi-Fi Password

5 декабря 2017 - Администратор

Affordable or free Wi-Fi connection is essential both outdoors and at home. Your local settings are extremely important as you commonly work online, entertain and communicate with your friends at home, spending within your house or apartment 50-90% of your daypart. Thus, you wonder how to change Wi-Fi password.

how to change wifi password
The information is relevant as you are to protect your sensitive personal data. When you shop online, check out, using any of modern payment systems, the payment details are to be shielded from hacking.

Additionally, your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are to be accessible only for your friends upon your confirmation. Your personal life is to be private as no unauthorized views are enabled.

Thus, change Wi-Fi password frequently, on occasion, to protect securely your data and network. Avoid your bandwidth stealing and feel confident about your cybersecurity.

How to Know Wi-Fi Password?

Having forgotten this essential information, you would request how to see Wi-Fi password. The data can be easily checked on your available desktop computer, using Windows, or on your Mac device.

change wifi password 

Having your favorite computer (working on Windows) at hand:

  • if the Wi-Fi network is on (you are connected), click the designated icon and a Wi-Fi menu appears immediately;
  • check the link on the window bottom to see the actual settings;
  • click the tab on the left;
  • if your network connection is disabled, see wireless properties and open the “Security” tab.

Enabling the characters to be shown, you see your relevant password. Please, remember it for keeps to avoid wasting your valuable time in future.

Users that wonder how to find out Wi-Fi password on Mac, get the answer easily. It can be checked using the Finder icon and clicking the Utilities folder.

Otherwise, visit your router page, find its IP address, open Wireless section and see the required information.

So, now you know perfectly well, how to find out WiFi password. The task is not difficult. So, please, try to use a really strong password (not less than 8 various characters long) that is hard to capture.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password?

Having passed authentication on the configuration page, by entering the router password and name, please, perform the following steps:

  • open the security page in your Wireless section;
  • change the password within the box;
  • check out your wireless encryption (WPA, WEP or WPA2);
  • if your device enables it, please, switch to WPA2 as this network is really secure;
  • change your personal network name;
  •  save the settings.

Initiating these essential operations is commonly easy, as most routers’ usernames and passwords are generally “admin”. If you or the previous owner changed it before, just press the self-named button to reset Wi-Fi password. Thus, you log in, typing the safe, default password and name.
router password
The network name is to be unique, different from your personal information, names and birthdays. This way nobody will identify and capture it.
After you press the “Save” button, the change is processed and all devices are disconnected. Use your new wireless password to connect them again and continue working, communicating people or entertaining in the most secure way.

Please, find the most detailed instructions in the article or watch additional video for your information.

Can I Get Connected Without My Wi-Fi Password?

Staying at home, it’s preferable to connect the network, using your router, password and login. Meanwhile, when you are outdoors, for example, traveling, discovering the other places and cities, find free, available Wi-Fi spots, using a useful, innovative application (like Wi-Fi Space or Wiffinity) on your smartphone.

how to know wifi password
Having an app installed, you get access to the interactive map in online or offline mode, for free and get complete information about the adjacent hotspots. They are rated and reviewed by multiple users, the distance to them from your location is automatically estimated. So you select the best and the closest one immediately, easy and without any expenses.

Thus, you know already how to change router password and how to recognize a free, secure Wi-Fi connection from any location, city or town.

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