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How to Find Panera Bread WiFi Hotspots

13 апреля 2018 - Администратор

Panera Bread WifiModern business people and various companies’ employees use the Internet in the offices heavily. However, being out for a lunch or in a bakery, we still have to be online, answering urgent calls and messages. Panera break wifi is quite suitable for these goals. It is widely available, and just ok for short-time use and small traffic tasks solving.

Unfortunately, due to time limitations and slow speed, Panera Wifi is not good for long-time work and heavy-duty databases downloading. But it is still provided throughout the USA and Canada, for free and every day.

Meanwhile, to find the nearest local Panera Bread free Wifi hotspot, I use the helpful and feature-rich mobile app Wi-Fi Space. I have downloaded it to my smartphone and use anywhere I am in online or offline mode.

Panera Bread Wifi Basics

Panera Bread is the famous chain of bakery and restaurants with up to 2,000 stores and outlets in the USA and Canada. The company history is not too long. It was founded in 1987, being known as St Louis Bread initially. The company name was wisely changed to Panera in 1997 after the business was purchased by Au Bon Pain Enterprise.

The bakery-cafes are available in 46 US states nowadays. More than a half of the stores are franchised. All of them offer Panera free wifi, but most of them restrict the access time to 30-60 minutes during the rush hours.

The service was launched in 2006-2007 and gained enormous popularity due to innovative technologies and great accessibility. Meanwhile, wifi Panera is not the basic restaurant network’s attraction.

Quite naturally, we all love delicious Panera croissants, bagels and other pastries. However, Panera lunch time is incredibly busy and the restaurants are congenial to dine, have lunch or breakfast. The café’s menu is rich, including:

  • salads;
  • pasta;
  • soups;
  • sandwiches;
  • hot, iced and frozen drinks.

The stores are incredibly popular. Multiple Americans and tourists come to the bakeries to enjoy delicious dishes or baked goods and use Panera Bread wifi that is not perfect, unfortunately. Why? Let’s disclose the details.

Does Panera Have Free Wifi?

Of course, all 2,000+ shops and restaurants are equipped with Panera Internet hotspots. However, the service has some significant disadvantages:

  • the signal is slow;
  • the access duration is limited by 30 (or 60) minutes in most restaurants;
  • the stores are overloaded;
  • the traffic is prioritized.

According to, Panera Bread Wifi speed makes only 1Mbps that is quite slow in comparison with 51.16 Mbps in Starbucks or 12.24 Mbps in Arby’s. Only 2 American fast food chains provide worse internet signal: Wendy’s and Peet’s Coffee offer twice slower connection.

Therefore, customers’ complaints to incredibly slow and unusable free wifi Panera speed. Many of them are unhappy, having the negative experience. They want the Panera employees to solve this problem.

However, the restrictions are imposed meaningly, as the network was clogged, and the tables were busy with multiple internet users several years ago.

As multiple people come to the restaurants to use Panera Bread internet primarily, not to have delicious food. That’s why 30-minutes time restrictions per customer or mobile device are implemented.

Alternatively, Panera 2.0 services that imply digital ordering and online payments are widely recognized as beneficial and perfect. The interactive kiosks equipped with iPad tablets enhance customers’ experience, reducing wait time. The order will be delivered shortly, directly to your table, and you avoid staying in line.

How to Connect to Panera Wifi?

The internet access is enabled with no password. To access the network, just select in on your mobile or laptop device, click on it and open. Panera bread sign in procedure is similar for various operating systems. Please, check the simple scheme or short internet connection manual for Linux users.

How to Connect to Panera Wifi

However, as I have already mentioned above, free wifi Panera service is rationed according to the visitors’ importance. The loyalty program is useful for active and most-frequent customers that can get discounts, extra Panera Bread wifi time and prioritized traffic.

That’s why, to get connected or make an order online, always open your personal account, visiting Panera Bread wifi login page. Of course, some connection issues happen due to communication failures, but these problems are solved fast and efficiently, and they are not common.

Thus, Panera Bread sign in procedure is easy and intuitive. The password is necessary only to enter your personal account.

Now I have only to find the nearest Panera Bread wifi locations. This challenging task is solved easily thanks to beneficial Wi-Fi Space mobile app. Having it installed on my smartphone or laptop, I find them immediately on an interactive map, by address or my location, even in offline mode and check my messages successfully, during meals.

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