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How to get free Wi-Fi at home?

23 октября 2017 - Администратор

Everywhere, except our homes

free wifi near homeFree Wi-Fi connection is available at most eateries, coffee shops, can be found in stores and subway stations. Perhaps, someday we will find ourselves in the situation where there's no place on earth left without the Wi-Fi... Where there will never be free Wi-Fi – is at home.


And what place is the most important for every human, where the Wi-Fi is always necessary and desirable? - Of course, it's about our homes. Usually people create their own LAN, buy a router and enjoy their stable and secure Wi-Fi connection for a certain monthly payment to their Internet provider. Such a solution for having the Wi-Fi connection is the safest and most reliable.

Who need free Wi-Fi at home?

However, there happen situations when, because of different reasons, people cannot afford regular monthly payments for the Internet, or special facilities required to have Wi-Fi at home, so they have to seek for free Wi-Fi at different public places and are especially interested on how to have free Wi-Fi at home.


Such people often are the students, who do not have well-paid jobs and desperately need Internet to write their academic works, or young single mothers, or just those who do not earn enough money.


But it turns out that to have free Wi-Fi connection, such people do not obligatory need to leave their quarters: they can get free Wi-Fi right at home quite easily!

This is what you should keep in mind

However, it should be grasped at once, that gaining free Wi-Fi at home means literally 'soaking it out', or, in other words, 'stealing' from the places where it is officially provided for certain fee, paid by the place owners to the certain Internet provider, or directly from neighbors or friends, who pay for the Internet you are going to use for free. In this situation such things should always be kept in mind, and the reason for installing the free Wi-Fi at one's home should be a sound one...

How to have free Wi-Fi at home

wifi at home

Organizing free Wi-Fi connection at one's home is possible if the person chooses one of the two options:

  • Asking a friend to share his Wi-Fi.
  • Grabbing Wi-Fi from a public place with free Wi-Fi.

Both of these variants of gaining free Wi-Fi at home require close location of the sources: either the friend or the public place from which you are going to grab Wi-Fi should be relatively close to your house – this will allow to have normal signal. Still, there exist one more variant to provide free Wi-Fi at one's home:

  • Using long-range antenna

Such an equipment will allow you to get the Wi-Fi signal from places with free Wi-Fi, which are located up to 8 miles away. But to receive the signal from such a distance is possible only in perfect conditions with minimal interferences. The long-range antenna, after all, is capable of bringing the signal from quite distant places.  


Most of the long-range antennas have certain limited angle at which they're able to pick Wi-Fi connections. This means that the antenna must be directed right at the router you wish to grab the signal from. To get use of the long-range antenna in providing the free Wi-Fi to your home, you should follow these steps:

  1. Find where exactly the target router is located (it can be the friend's one or the one located at the public place with free Wi-Fi).
  2. Direct the antenna to the router and adjust the antenna's position until you see the optimal signal level.
  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi by entering the password.

The cost of free Wi-Fi

Still, it should be noted that the price for the free Wi-Fi from public places is often about stealing of personal data, including payment details. This is why it's not recommended to use free Wi-Fi to make financial operations, this is why it is advised to use VPN when using free Wi-Fi.


Thus, taking the free Wi-Fi signal from public places can end up with an uncomfortable situation. And thus, the option of using a friend's Wi-Fi is the safest one.


But, as in case with the public places, even using a friend's connection you will be dependent on the mercy of the router's owner in terms of speed and sites to be blocked. This is why, it's reasonable to conclude, that there is no full-bodied alternative to the normal Wi-Fi connection you get from your Internet-provider you concluded a contract with.


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