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How to get free Wi-Fi on Southwest?

23 октября 2017 - Администратор

Free Wi-Fi everywhere, but what about planes?

We-ve already got accustomed to the presence of free Wi-Fi nearly at all the public places – coffee shops, fast-food chains' restaurants, even retail stores and subway stations. And it looks like free Wi-Fi is about to be everywhere soon. But does it include such a public place as an airplane during flight, and is Southwest Wi-Fi real?


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But if we return to the Wi-Fi at public places, are there the places at which, without the Wi-Fi, you will rather feel abandoned and really uncomfortable? - For instance, in a coffee shop, without free Wi-Fi, you can simply sip your coffee, thinking of your life, or call someone by phone and that someone may come to you.


The same thing is with restaurants and retail stores – Wi-Fi there is very-very helpful in attracting new customers, for the customers – in spending their time in the restaurant or store, but, basically, you can sit in a restaurant or go shopping without the Wi-Fi.


And what about the situation, when you're kilometers above the earth, when you cannot call or meet with anyone, and near you is sitting your little son, who gets catastrophically bored with every minute? - It's really not a funny situation, and the help of Wi-Fi here is just very-very desirable. And thus, it may seem all the airlines must have free Wi-Fi onboard, but with Southwest Wi-Fi it's not all that simple...

The ambiguous Southwest Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines Co. Is one of the major U.S. airlines and one of the world's biggest low-cost carriers. Big passenger traffic, many flights per day – isn't it the perfect ground for providing the free Southwest Wi-Fi? - Yes, it is, but the company has not introduced this option yet.

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Still, the price for the Southwest Wi-Fi per day is rather adequate and is of $8 and $5 to rent a film, and, what's most adorable – the company provides the free access to the in-flight entertainment network!


And most people in flights seek for the Wi-Fi connection for entertainment, while only a small part of them regard the plane as their office. So here's the good news; you can watch 19 live TV channels, 75 episodes of popular series with Southwest Wi-Fi for free! Among the available for free channels are ESPN and ESPN2, the Disney Channel. This means that you will keep your child entertained, while you watching the game you were sad to miss while flight, watching ESPN sports, and this is all – for free with the Southwest Wi-Fi – and this is really nice!


Still, there are people who do not want to lose the time for their work while flight: they want to write text documents or make presentations, check and answer e-mail messages, communicate with business partners via Skype, Viber or social nets. Such passengers naturally have the question – for how much is fully-featured Wi-Fi available on Southwest?


And the answer is $8 per day, which is especially pleasant to pay when you have several Southwest flights during one day.

How to check if your Southwest flight has Wi-Fi

But unfortunately, not all the flights by Southwest airlines have Wi-Fi – either in the form of the free entertainment network with the pre-defined channels and TV series episodes, or in the form of the Wi-Fi with enhanced capabilities.


southwest airlines wifi

And though the company announced that by the end of 2017 all of the Southwest's planes will be wi-fi enabled, it is still very useful to know how to check whether there's Southwest Wi-Fi available on your Southwest flight or how to get connected to the Southwest Wi-Fi:

  • Set the Airplane mode on your device;
  • Enable the Wi-Fi on your device;
  • Unfold the list of available Wi-Fi spots, Select Southwest Wi-Fi and connect;
  • Open the browser, and if there's no automatic forwarding to the system website, type in the address field manually:;
  • If the connection is successful, select a movie or TV show or channel to watch, or pay $8 for further capabilities. If there's no connection to the system site, most likely, there's no Wi-Fi available on the flight. However, this usually becomes obvious on the step of unfolding the list of available Wi-Fi connections.


Whether you're in a plane, in a new for your store or the location you have never been before to – Wiffinity, Wifimap, Wi-fi Finder, Wi-Fi Space and many other free mobile applications are there to help you find the closest to you Wi-Fi spots together with their passwords! You can get the more detailed information on this topic in this article.


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