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How to Get Free Wifi at School

10 июня 2018 - Администратор

Modern technologies impact our lives, including business and educations realms. The new generation uses various devices such as tablets, smartphones, iPhones easily, and the younger you are, the simplest it is for you, and the more interesting is surfing the net. Therefore, children often wonder how to get free wifi at school and unblock if fast, without any complications.

How to Get Free Wifi at SchoolThe wireless internet connection can be perfectly used for educational goals. Multiple advanced schools enable wifi signal in the classrooms, as it provides multiple undeniable benefits, for example:

  • easy collaboration;
  • getting the necessary scientific information;
  • fast assignments sending and projects completion;
  • increased students’ engagements;
  • interactive education implementation;
  • cost saving.

Modern teachers in many countries encourage students and school people to use electronic textbooks instead of hard copies. That’s why, children that know how to get wifi at school can have only compact and lightweight tablets or iPods at hand, getting all the necessary information easily.

Forward-looking teachers send the personal assignments to the students by e-mail or just providing the links to the certain scientific pages. It simplifies and promotes the educational process. The kids are interested in learning new topics as they can easily examine all of them, even the ones that are beyond the school curricula.

Thus, to surf the internet for educational purposes, just ask your teacher or another school representative about how to get wifi password at school. Alternatively, use Wi-Fi Space app on your smartphone to find the best and the nearest hotspots and connect to the most reliable one right now.

The Expectable School Wifi Restrictions and the Reasons for them

The necessity of using wifi at schools stirs up multiple debates. But for the certain benefits, the internet connection may become quite harmful for the children development, being misused.

Numerous education experts consider that the kids should not know how to get free wifi at school, as they commonly use it for:
social networking;

  • chatting;
  • playing online games;
  • checking the news.

How to Unblock Wifi at School?The students may also look for the test answers online, and it disadvantages the educational process, manipulating the knowledge control results. Additionally, according to the recent scientific studies, wireless connection emits radiation that is harmful to the kids’ health, causing cancer, infertility, autism, etc.

That’s why multiple school administration representatives prefer imposing some restrictions, such as:

  • provide only wired internet in the computer rooms;
  • protect the network by the password;
  • reduce the internet speed;
  • forbid access to the certain websites.

Thus, if you still want to surf the net during the lessons without any limitations, and wonder how to get wifi password at school, several perfect ways out exist. Let’s highlight them.


How to Unblock Wifi at School?

Unless high-speed internet is necessary for the special educational purposes, wifi is commonly a bit slow at schools. The routers, modems and the other equipment may be outdated, and about 300-500 kids may be using the internet simultaneously.

If you test the wifi speed, using the recommended apps or websites, you might find out that it’s slower than 2Mbps, or even worse. To improve the connection, the users are advised to:

  • check your phone’s or tablet’s settings;
  • select proxy server;
  • use VPN;
  • opt for 443 port (https extension).

The teachers commonly block several proxy websites during the lessons, for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, if you really need to visit them, go to a service site, paste your IP address to the URL line and get the necessary information or leave a message.Unblock Wifi at School

Quite naturally, the simplest way to get wifi password at school is to ask your teacher about it and use your ID for entering the network. However, when you need to protect your personal information, use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Multiple users mention the method as the most reliable, as it ensures online privacy, avoiding any hackers’ attacks and identity thefts. Thus, download the certain software that is a web or mobile application and enable it.

This way, you access the network from the other IP address, bypassing the server and getting free wifi at school without any risk. Another trick some users recommend is to access through the secure https connection. Actually, multiple schools use the filters that block the certain websites through the port 80 (HTTP connection). The port 443 may remain unblocked.

Finally, apply the innovative Wi-Fi Space app to detect the hotspots that are located in the classrooms or in the nearest fast food restaurants. Using it, you will know for sure where the internet connection is available, what is the speed and if any password is required.

So, now you know how to get free wifi at school or anywhere you are, finding the hotspots fast and easily. Additionally, you can share the passwords and all the essential information through the application and save the money you pay to mobile internet providers.

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