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How to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car

10 июня 2018 - Администратор

Nowadays, when we need the powerful and essential internet connection, actually, it is available everywhere. We use it at home, in the offices and in our favorite fast-food restaurants. However, we heavily need to be online on the way and on the drive and often wonder how to get wifi in a car.

Now, when multiple families prefer living in the suburbs due to more pleasant and safer environment, residents of various countries spend much time traveling to study or paid work per day. Thus, according to Statista, as of 2010-2011, an average commute commonly took:

  • in China- 38-56 minutes;
  • in Canada – 25-36 minutes;
  • in Japan – 21-50 minutes;
  • in Turkey – 28-52 minutes;
  • in India – 18-44 minutes.

Women commonly spend less time than men, traveling every day. Additionally, the residents of Sweden, Finland and Spain get to the work faster than the other OECD (Organization for (European) Economic Co-operation and Development) countries.

How to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car

Americans also need wifi in cars as the longest average commute (one way) made (in 2014):

  • 27 minutes in Georgia and California;
  • 28 minutes in Illinois, Massachusetts and Virginia;
  • half an hour in New Jersey;
  • 32 minutes in Maryland and New York.

Wifi in your car is essential when you are traveling with kids, driving along the busy roads with the terrible traffic jams or need to be always online due to your important job. Quite naturally, you can easily find the nearest car wifi hotspot with the user-friendly and efficient, mobile Wi-Fi Space app. It will enable you to use internet for free during an hour, at least, and avoid any inconveniences.

Additionally, it’s easy to equip your vehicle with the Wi-Fi connectivity device such as a car wifi router, modem, etc. An advanced and handy adapter would be necessary, as well. So, just select the suitable method that is the simplest and the most affordable, or the most reliable.

How to Get Wifi in Car from an Advanced Smartphone?

If you have got a modern and fashionable mobile device that comes with multiple great features, it offers multifarious amazing opportunities. Tethering is among the most important ones.

How to Get Wi-Fi in CarAccording to Wikipedia, tethering means that the available internet connection sharing with the personal computers is possible thanks to the mobile device’s features. That is, to add wifi to car, use your powerful cell phone that is certainly connected to the mobile internet as a modem for another mobile device, for example, a laptop or a tablet. You will just need a USB cable or an advanced technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth available.

When you do pay for a mobile internet and data service, you can easily turn your advanced smartphone into a free hotspot. It involves only a few expenses if you have got a smartphone already, and don’t need to purchase any hardware such as a router or modem.

This method allows you to surf the net anytime, using wifi in car, quite securely as the information is sent through your own smartphone. Additionally, you can easily turn off Wi-Fi on the tablet or laptop, saving the device’s battery power.

However, discuss the basic terms of use with your cellular provider, as tethering can cause a significant increase of your monthly tariff, some data may be restricted or the download speed may be slowed down.

How to Get Wifi in Your Car for Free, Using a Dedicated Hotspot

The second option is a dedicated hotspot that is using a compact, stand-alone USB device that is called a cellular dongle. Thus, to get wifi in the car, buy the device itself and a USB connector to plug the device in.

Actually, the dongle is easily plugged into your laptop directly, but the second dongle will be necessary for the additional device that is a computer or another laptop. Additionally, the users are to select the monthly internet connection plan and pay up to $70 to the service provider every month.

Various hotspot devices are available on the market nowadays. Some of them, like dongles, are simple, compact and affordable. Self-contained hotspots are portable, feature-rich and more expensive than their simple counterparts. They come with built-in batteries, and you can use the network wherever you are, even outdoors.

How to Install Wifi in Your Car, Using an OBD-II

OBD-II (on-board diagnostic) ports are available on cars manufactured since 1996. These innovative devices are feature-rich, but not the best in terms of portability. The system looks like an onboard computer, that performs self-diagnostics, helping the technicians to scan the vehicles’ performance.
Using a port, you get wifi for car, creating a local network available on several computer and mobile devices in the car. Meanwhile, the port is not too expensive, being affordable for all car owners.

How to Make Your Car a Wifi Hotspot, Installing a Router or a Wireless Modem

A router unit or a modem device is reliable, but a bit expensive and not portable approach to get wifi for car. A device costs from $200 to $600, and the installation is required. Meanwhile, when you purchase a new car, and internet connectivity is already available, it means that a reliable device of that kind may be already installed.

Get Wi-Fi in Your CarA router commonly comes with the cellular radio feature that provides a powerful signal, much better one than a mobile hotspot can ensure. Thus, being in the car, all your family members and passengers can get all of available phones, laptops and tablets connected to the reliable Wi-Fi network, enjoying the powerful and safe connection.

So, now you know for sure how to get wifi in car, buying, installing or just connecting various devices to your smartphones or computers. Using the internet connection on the drive is virtually as easy as at home.

Additionally, being outdoors or on the way, and having a modern smartphone on hand, you can easily find a free wifi hotspot, using the feature-rich mobile application Wi-Fi Space. The app is easily used in an offline mode, while the hotspots are marked on an interactive map. It is provided for free and 24/7 available.
Thus, if you have no automobile Wifi yet, it’s evidently not a problem. Just install the application on your modern smartphone and enjoy its perfect functionality and efficiency.

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