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How to Get Wi-Fi Password of Neighbors

5 декабря 2017 - Администратор

Free Wi-Fi access is always necessary. Modern hurries always need to get relevant information from the network, communicate friends or relatives, work online, play games or watch videos. Therefore, many people wonder how to get WiFi password of neighbors.



how to get wifi password of neighbors

It is the most essential when you are outdoors, travelling or during a business trip. Business owners and managers are to be 24/7 online, solving current issues, discussing them with customers, suppliers or colleagues.

Traveling across the country or abroad, you need to access the map and get essential tourist information, communicate relatives and friends. However, when you are at home, internet connection is also necessary.

That’s why so many people request how to connect to neighbors Wi-Fi. This solution seems to be simple and appropriate. But why don’t you steal their furniture, clothing or foodstuffs?

Meanwhile, the task is very difficult, not legal, but possible. So, let’s just study how to do it.


How to Hack Your Neighbors Wi-Fi

Getting the password is quite difficult. Nobody but for experienced hackers can’t do it. It’s illegal. The network is protected, and you neighbors would certainly not appreciate it.


So, if you need it, just ask you neighbors about their password. Ask for their help if you have just moved to the apartment and urgently need an internet connection. Otherwise, buy a router and sign an agreement with a suitable internet provider or carrier.


Who’s My Neighbor?

how to hack your neighbors wifi

If you still want to use neighbors’ Wi-Fi and make friends with them:

  • ask them for a permission;
  • ask for the password;
  • connect to the network;
  • use a wireless extender if the signal is not strong enough.


However, knowing how to hack your neighbors Wi-Fi is not recommended. Because if they whack you in the face, it’s painful. So, try to agree with them and get along well.


How to Hack Neighbor’s Wi-Fi Using Linux?

Only real hackers can do it, using Linux OS, pyrit and some Linux tools that are called airodump-ng and aireplay-ng. To grab the password:

  • disable Wi-Fi interface;
  • change your mac address;
  • collect information using the tools;
  • start wlan0 interface;
  • disconnect all the certain Wi-Fi users.


Capture WiFi password using Linux

It seems to be not easy. Additionally, what a real hacker wants to do now is to realize how to block neighbors Wi-Fi signal. They won’t get their connection and won’t disclose your activities. If you are interested, read more about it in the article.


Another Way How to Get Wi-Fi Password of Neighbors

Please, remember about police and keep your trespasses out of your relevant network. So, other useful life hacks are:

  • find an open network and connect to it;
  • break WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol);
  • use PIN method for authentication;
  • try to find a weak password;
  • jam the neighbor’s router, using the special applications.

Additionally, you can steal neighbors Wi-Fi, using a rooted Android device and an application that is called KingRoot.For additional information, please, watch the video.


However, all of these methods to hack your neighbors Wi-Fi are illegal, not easy and technically challenging.


Beneficial Alternatives that Let You Avoid Wi-Fi Neighbor Hack

Just download and use an app to discover free, available Wi-Fi connections fast and in any location. For example, Wiffinity or “Wi-Fi Space” applications are free and useful. You can look at an interactive map not only from home, but anywhere you are even in offline mode.


WiFi free

The app can be used by travelers and people on business, by means of a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Desktop computers are also helpful to check the map and get the relevant information.

Therefore, you select any of secure, adjacent Wi-Fi hotspots, studying their ratings and reviews. You avoid excessive roaming costs and illegal practices. Thus, information how to use neighbors Wi-Fi is not necessary any more.

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