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Open wifi hotspot is not a luxury in these latter days. It is a necessity of the citizens of huge metropolises of our planet. Hardly you will find a person who doesn't know what is this and all benefits of wifi. Modern civilization develops rapidly as well as modern technologies. Therefore, ways of connection to Internet also change quickly.

The history of open wifi networks

Open wifi networks appeared approximately 30 years ago in Netherlands. Initially, this standard was developed for the system of cashier services. Later, wifi networks were used only in those places, where the usage of cables was impossible. However, nowadays, this type of connection to Internet is very convenient and profitable. Besides, Internet speed may increase up to 100 Mbps.

What are the benefits of open wireless network?

Open wireless network is a good method to connect to Internet without cabling. This is a real advantage because people are dispensed with the necessity of cabling in their houses or offices. Cables usually irritate users, especially in the situation when you use a notebook as a device for Internet connection. Notebook is a mobile device. Therefore, cables should not be used.

Besides, open wifi hotspots give you an opportunity to use such mobile devices as smartphones or tablets for connection to Internet. You can access your emails, accounts in social networks simultaneously from various devices. If you travel abroad and don't know the correct way to get to one or another place, due to wifi you can find the way out. Besides, this is a good method to kill time in the Internet.

Open wifi hotspots as an opportunity to get in touch with the dearest people

Open wifi hotspots can unite people from various cities. When you travel abroad, you know that roaming is very expensive. However, when the desire to call your family or friends is very strong, you can do it using various apps for calling like:

  • Skype,
  • Viber,
  • What's up,
  • KakaoTalk,
  • Imo.

You just need to find a place with open wifi spots, to connect to the Internet and enjoy your communication. Furthermore, people from all over the globe send messages each other, using these apps.

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