How To Choose A Most Reliable & Cheap Mobile Hotspot?

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Mobile hotspots have the capability of packing fast Internet access into pocketable, and tiny devices to give you connectivity in every place you go. However, these devices differ in costs, reliability, as well as speed.

With a myriad of choices in carriers and devices, you can end up paying more than you should.

Mobile hotspots are no longer luxuries meant for the wealthy or business people. This is due to the lowered cost of 3G data and the proliferation of 4G- enabled devices. You can even convert your smartphone into a cheap Wi-Fi hotspot, eliminating the need for another device.


Here are some of the best options for obtaining cheap mobile hotspot as per your needs.

For Backup Internet Access or Casual Use

Mobile hotspots are available with low data caps, and therefore you won't still be able to download several gigabytes without incurring great averages.

These are some of the packages you can use to have cheap wireless Internet hotspot.

Your Smartphone

If you own a smartphone, then you already have a free and cheap portable Wi-Fi hotspot at your disposal. iPhones and modern Androids are available with a built-in option that you can use to turn your mobile data connection into Wi-Fi for close to five more devices. It is, however, a very huge price to pay for applying the limited data you have already bought, despite the fact that it will give an average amount of extra data.

But fortunate enough, there are some few workarounds that you can still use. iPhone and Android users can still use PdaNet to tether for the one-time cost of the application.

One of the best things about PdaNet is that it will try to hide your tethering activity by choosing to serve mobile sites instead of desktop sites. But if you want to avoid the wrath of your carrier, you can still get a free mobile hotspot if you have a shared data plan.

Other best options for cheap portable Wi-Fi hotspot are the following:

  • Freedompop – This package provides almost 512 megabytes of mobile broadband in a month. This comes at no cost. It is appropriate for casual users who need a free and cheap hotspot Internet.
  • Karma – You will be able to find similar products to Freedompop from this package. To avoid suffering a pocketable brick of close to $80, you should ensure you are fully covered before purchasing.

For Frequent of Moderate Internet Access

Smaller carriers do not help when you need as many gigabytes as you can obtain. When you plan to utilize so much of cellular data, your main concern should be where you will find the most reliable coverage, and the most data at an affordable price.

To figure out the cheap Wi-Fi hotspot to choose, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Who offers the best coverage?
  2. Which carrier has the fastest network?
  3. What is the most affordable plan for the largest quantity of data?
  4. What is the best deal amongst all?

Once these questions are answered accurately, you will surely have the most affordable hotspot Internet service.

When it comes to figuring the carrier that provides the best data coverage, you should factor in LTE because it is the fastest. You should also go for the carrier that provides a solid 3G coverage for purposes of fallback.

These are some of the steps you can follow to ensure that you have a cheap wireless Internet hotspot.

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