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Stores with free Wi-Fi

20 октября 2017 - Администратор

Stores with free Wi-Fi: to be or not to be?

stores with free wifiWe all have already got accustomed to that every week one more fast-food restaurants of coffee shop chain launches free Wi-Fi. Of course, it is great and useful: people go to eateries to spend their free time, and Internet-surfing is a way to spend one's free time while having coffee with donuts or launch.

But what about stores with free Wi-Fi? Isn't shopping another way to spend free time? - Everyone decides on this question on his own, but what can be said confidently is that those who go shopping want to make purchases they won’t ever have to regret about, for handsome prices.

And whatever retailers think about the necessity to provide their stores with free Wi-Fis , there exist obvious facts that:

  • People use Internet to compare prices on different goods.
  • People shop online more and more.

Digitalization of shopping

Thus, the shopping is becoming more and more digital. And people use their smart devices to not only entertain themselves, but to make good choices. They use the Internet for shopping as well, as they do it for entertainment or communication with friends via social nets.stores that have free wifi

Launching applications for retail stores is, of course, not about competing with different Internet-stores' applications, such as Amazon's ones, but it is about improving customers' experience while out shopping.

For example, through the mobile app a customer can make a shopping list before going to the store, the built-in navigation will allow the customer to find the goods he wants, when entering certain aisles in the store he will get the notifications about discounts available on the goods from the aisles.

Moreover, the application will allow a retailer to have the necessary information about the customer: about his needs and tastes through the purchase history. And this is, of course, about making the shopping experience easier for the customers, as this means that he will get notifications about discounts and promotional actions on exactly those goods which can interest him.

No pie without free Wi-Fi

So, ok, it is clear about the applications, but why the free Wi-Fi feature is also important? Why not use the apps without free Wi-Fi? - Well, first of all, free Wi-Fi is necessary, because all the information about the promotions and discounts is not static, but constantly changing – so that the customer is to receive the notifications about the promotions, which are always relevant.

Consequently, without the Internet connection, those applications will be dysfunctional. Secondly, customers do not always have quality mobile Internet on advantageous service plan. The free Wi-Fi connection solves all the possible issues with the Internet connection to provide quality work of store applications on customers' mobile devices, to let the customers research on products and reviews on them, compare prices with competitors and make well-balanced decisions on whether to buy or not to buy a product right on the spot in the Wi-Fi providing store, without having to leave to access the Internet.


According to the studies, 43% of customers use their mobile devices while out shopping, and the younger the buyers are, the higher the percentage of such customers.

stores with free wifi near me

Another study shows that 74% of customers would appreciate if while using the in-store Wi-Fi they receive notifications about promotions in the store – thus, the presence of free Wi-Fi enhances customers' loyalty to the store's marketing campaigns.

All the fast-food and coffee shop chains have free Wi-Fi, or, if not all of them do, we somehow know that 'all the fast-food and coffee shop chains must have free Wi-Fi'. But speaking about retail stores, people are not that sure about the necessity of free in-store Wi-Fi there. Still, free Wi-Fi is very advantageous for both retails and customers, as it allows to:

  • research on products and compare prices right in the store;
  • get relevant notifications on promotions and discounts;
  • gather precious data on customers;
  • make marketing campaigns and promotions more effective.
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