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The Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps

15 августа 2017 - Администратор

In the past, hacking was regarded as an exclusive domain meant for the experts only. That narrative has changed over the years with great advancement in the field of mobile connectivity and the rise of technology.

Android phones have gained a considerable popularity due to numerous apps that are available in the market. Despite all that, it is still possible to hack Wi-Fi password using an Android smartphone.

Android smartphones can safely operate security and testing tests from hacking Android applications. Most of the Wi-Fi password hacker apps can work with a slight help of basic knowledge and few applications.

Here are some of the best Wi-Fi password hacker apps for Androids.

how to crack wi-fi passwords

WPS Connect

This is one of the best Wi-Fi password hacker apps. This app enables you to disable the Internet connections of other users on the same Wi-Fi network. It can also safely hack any WPS secured Wi-Fi password.

The good thing about WPS Connect is that it works with almost all routers. However, it is important to note that this app only works with a Wi-Fi that WPS security enabled.

Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill

This is another hacker app for Wi-Fi and is also very popular in this field.

  • This application has the capability of cutting off someone else's Wi-Fi over your own network, just similar to net cut apps in Windows.
  • Wi-Fi Kill is the only free Wi-Fi hacker app that will work best when you have an open Wi-Fi that is not protected by a strong password.

The app is very simple to use due to its interactive and lucid interface as well as the easy to use tools.

You can also be able to view what other users are downloading and browsing on your Wi-Fi network by using this free Wi-Fi hacker app.


Nmap for Android

This is another Wi-Fi hacker app that also works a network security scanner. It can operate on both rooted and non-rooted mobile devices. Those who have rooted devices will enjoy access to other features.

This Wi-Fi code hacker app enables you to scan networks for finding system details and ports. Wi-Fi Finder This free Wi-Fi hacker app has an offline and online directory comprising of over a half a million various hotspots locations in more than 140 states.

The application mainly depends on users who submit their local hotspot locations to a common Wi-Fi Finder server. From there, it stores and relays all the information to the entire app users. It has the capabilities of viewing the location of the call, Wi-Fi hotspot detail, and obtains directions.

With this free Wi-Fi password hacker for Android, you can also scan for the Wi-Fi hotspots that are around you.

network spoofer

Network Spoofer

This application allows you to alter websites on other person's computers from a device that is Android-powered. Once you are done with the download, you can then go ahead and log onto a Wi-Fi network, select spoof to apply and press the start button.

Despite the fact that Network Spoofer is not a true penetration tool, it can still direct you how difficult or easy it is to hack a Wi-Fi network with your Android device.

wifi inspect

Wi-Fi Inspect

This is another Wi-Fi hacker app that is mostly used by Computer security experts. It enables one to monitor their networks or get the permission to do that.

It is very important to remember that certain countries prohibit hacking other networks, and therefore you should be cautious when carrying out the Wi-Fi hacker app download.

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