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Wi-Fi scanner

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How to determine the most available and strong wi-fi channel for your wireless adapter or access point? This can be done using special tools like wi-fi network scanners which display detailed information for each wireless network that is in range of your wireless adapter or access point.

What is a wifi scanner?

A wifi network scanner for laptops is a software thanks to which you are able to view and scan the available wireless networks, to get information about the level of protection of a network and to save the list of wi-fi passwords. It works based on the built-in system of plugins.

Main features of wifi scanners

Wifi network scanner is a multifunctional program that serves the following tasks:

  • Access points: Information on the wi-fi network (SSID and BSSID) and wireless devices connected to the network at the present moment.
  • Signal strength: The scanner shows the signal charts for the access points.
  • List of connections: Renaming the known wireless devices.
  • Saving passwords: Standard passwords for wi-fi and WPS keys installed by wi-fi channels owners.
  • Wi-fi secure system: information about the security level of WEP, WPA or WPA2.
  • Equipment: The program does not require any additional equipment being installed.
  • Monitoring Mode: View connected devices for each supported wireless network monitoring mode (while using compatible wi-fi adapter)

Using wifi scanner allows to use wireless internet connections constantly on a laptop with the minimum care of the user.

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