Do You Need Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot Device?

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The internet is everywhere these days. As telecommuting becomes more intrinsic to our work, health, and shopping habits the need for a dependable Wi-Fi connection is crucial to check things off on our to-do lists.

If you spend a lot of time away from your home network, depend on Wi-Fi, or even if you use a laptop and tablet at the same time a Wi-Fi hotspot device could add a serious upgrade to your connection speed.

How Do Portable Wireless Hotspot Devices Work?

Mobile hotspot devices are basically amplifiers for 3G and 4G cellular Wi-Fi signals. The internet hotspot devices frequently piggy back on these cellular networks like any smart phone. The portable Wi-Fi hotspot device then provides a stronger signal within about 30 feet of the Wi-Fi hotspot device. These useful gadgets can enable you to use up to 8 devices at a time without losing any speed.

How to Access your Smart Phone's 4g Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

Before getting started make sure your cellular plan includes a Wi-Fi hotspot portable device. They should be able to tell you by looking at your service plan and type of smart phone.

After you've gotten the green light follow these steps to access the wireless internet hotspot device.

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Look for Settings Personal Hotspot or Settings Wireless Wi-Fi hotspot depending on your smart phone.
  3. Customize the name of your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices and create a password that includes a number, several letters and characters that is unique to you.
  4. Connect your smart phone to the 4g wireless hotpot device.
  5. Return to the Wi-Fi network list and identify your Wi-Fi hotspot portable device.
  6. Surf!

What You'll Pay for Wireless Hotspot Devices and the Range of Plan Costs

Like most technologies it can vary greatly depending on the type of Wi-Fi hotspot device for laptops and other products which access the internet.

If you're in the market for a new smart phone it is worth shopping around for a plan that includes a dedicated wireless hotspot device. On their own the dependable, quality hotspot devices cost around $200.

Before you open your wallet to buy a Lte hotspot device check your Android or iPhones. Check the phone's detail information to find out if you have a mobile hotspot already. These convenient and reliable device plans aren't cheap though.


A plan ranges between $30-$100 per month. Generally, plans are separate from your phone's cost. So if you're using your phone and the hotspot for data the costs quickly rise.

A word of caution: if you're using your phone as a mobile hotspot device your used data will be taken from your phone's monthly allowance. Also, if you go over your limit during the month you'll pay expensive overage charges.

How to Safely Surf the Internet with a Wireless Hotspot Device

Similar to your Wi-Fi hotspot device in your home, a quality device will provide with a variety of security tools like WEP and WPA encryption. Remember to set up your wireless security and set a unique password with a combination of letters, characters and numbers to protect your Wi-Fi connection safe from criminals and people looking for free Wi-Fi.

A wireless hotspot device is a must have bit of technological kit for people who are always on the move or use multiple devices at once. Also, it's worth considering purchasing a hotspot device for emergency situations.

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