Sydney Free WiFi hotspots

Places with free WiFi hotspots in city Sydney, Australia - 309
A list of places in Sydney with free internet
Point type Point name Network name Address Category
Esquire Coffee House / none 803 Military Rd. Free Wi-Fi
Boronia House Tea Room / none 624 Military Road Wi-Fi without password
Mare Sole Ristorante / none 16 Belgrave St. Free Wi-Fi
Vibe Hotel / none 88 Alfred St. Wi-Fi without password
Rope And Anchor Cafe / none 40 N Steyne Wi-Fi without password
Ivanhoe Hotel / none 27 The Corso Wi-Fi without password
St Ives Shopping Village / none 166 Mona Vale Rd Wi-Fi without password
Cafe Bela / none Module Arcade, 2/16 Hannah St Free Wi-Fi
Le Trèfle Café + Crêpes & Friends / none Shop 6, 35 Tramore Place Wi-Fi without password
Bacino Cafe Bar / none 1 The Corso Free Wi-Fi
Catimini / none 1/647 Military Road Wi-Fi without password
Fika Swedish Kitchen / none 5b Market Ln. Wi-Fi without password
Thelma And Louise Café / none 1 Hayes St Free Wi-Fi
Manly Ferry / none No address Wi-Fi without password
The Sebel / none 8-13 South Steyne Free Wi-Fi
Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific / none 55 North Steyne Rd. Free Wi-Fi
Club Totem & Forty Baskets Restaurant / none 195 Condamine St Wi-Fi without password
MV Narrabeen / none Moving Target! Free Wi-Fi
Manly Wine / none 8-13 South Steyne Free Wi-Fi
Officeworks / none 108-114 George St Free Wi-Fi
Chantilly's Coffee Lounge / none Shop 8, Level 1, Macquarie Shopping Centre Wi-Fi without password
The Builders - Master Builders Club - Dee Why / none 18 Fisher Road Wi-Fi without password
Woolworths / none Longueville Rd. Wi-Fi without password
7-Eleven / none 457 Victoria Ave. Free Wi-Fi
Manly Beach Bed and Breakfast / none 72 Darley Road Free Wi-Fi
Sydney Ferry / none Moving Target! Wi-Fi without password
Fashionably Yours Bridal / none Rear Entrance Level 1 Wi-Fi without password
Costume Direct / none 33 Redleaf Ave Wi-Fi without password
Gloria Jean's Coffees / none 41-47 Shepherds Dr. Wi-Fi without password
Roseville Memorial Club / none Pacific highway Wi-Fi without password
Roseville Golf Club / none 4 Links Avenue Wi-Fi without password
Access Video Turramurra / none 8 Eastern Rd. Free Wi-Fi
Cafe Haus / none 8 Railway Parade Free Wi-Fi
The Coffee Emporium / none Macquarie Centre Wi-Fi without password
The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room / none 225 George St. Wi-Fi without password
Pier 8 Cafe / none Pier 8/9, 22 Hickson Rd. Wi-Fi without password
Coco Madness / none No address Wi-Fi without password
Wizzyworld / none Unit 9, 372 Eastern Valley Way Wi-Fi without password
Utopia Coffee / none 2/7 Macquarie Pl. Wi-Fi without password
Bunker Bean / none 23 Station St. Free Wi-Fi
Restaurants with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 2
Cafe with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 2
Coffee shops with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 2
Fast food with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 2
Hotels with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 0
Airport with WiFi in Sydney Public hotspots: 0
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Where is free wifi in Sydney in my area 

Very often residents have a need to be connected to the free wifi in Sydney in various points of the city. For example, when visiting public places, such as subway, restaurants, coffee shops, an Internet cafe (usually the sign of Wi-Fi-cafe hangs on them), hotels, fast food, pubs, bars, airport. Students, businessmen, married couples need to visit urgently some sites or to hold a business meeting, or contact suppliers, employers, or to check personal mail or just to spend time in free internet.

Some places on the map in Internet provide hot spots for tourists 24 hours, but some of them only in certain time. In such cases it is possible to use local service of free Wi-Fi, besides the mobile Internet.

Most visitors, going to such institutions, bring with herself the mobile own battery-powered laptop device or phone, with WiFi adapter. It allows to get in a point Wi-Fi area of coverage.

When you are looking for public wifi in Sydney

If you need public wifi in Sydney, you can keep your eyes open walking past public places and look for “free wifi” signs on the windows. But what if you are walking very long along the streets and still cannot find available wireless and high-speed wi fi? Besides, at restaurants and cafes Wi-fi service is not really free. Connecting will cost you the price of a cup of coffee.

You can spend a lot of time when you search of the Wi-fi. For this reason, we have created for you the convenient website for finding of such places. On this page is the fullest information on free Wi-Fi points of Internet access in Sydney. Here, it is possible to get acquainted with wifi hotspots in Sydney, opened or closed ones. Now you have an opportunity to plan the route along the city, being guided by our card.

List of public library with open wifi

We allow you to see the public library branches in which there is Wifi:

  1. Customs House.
  2. Glebe.
  3. Green Square.
  4. Hay market.
  5. Kings Cross.
  6. Newton.
  7. Surry Hills.
  8. Town Hall.
  9. Waterloo.

The problem in libraries is to find the place, where to sit down. Still, there are terminals with Internet access. For using Free WiFi in library, it is necessary to be registered on this website – Unwired. But in some institutions the Internet on wifi, when they are available, are often woefully slow. But you remember that to use the free wifi in the library can only people with a library card. You will need registration and passwords for wifi networks. When you come to library, you have to use your ID number to log in.

The McDonald’s on the Alfred Street, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans cafes in the city offer free WiFi. On the Alfred Street are 2 networks – McDonald’s Free WiFi and CityRail WiFi trial. The grid from McDonald’s works slowly, and here the Internet from CityRail allows checking mail and to look for something in Google. As you can see, it is fairly easy to find out where are really working “points” of the free Internet in Sydney.

If you wonder "where I can find near me free Wi-Fi", then here the answer!
Everywhere and anywhere you can use the map of wi-fi access points!

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