Brasilia Free WiFi hotspots

Places with free WiFi hotspots in city Brasilia, Brazil - 239
A list of places in Brasilia with free internet
Point type Point name Network name Address Category
Cumarim Burger Grill / none Maggiore Shopping Wi-Fi without password
Koni Store / none Av. Araucárias, 855 Wi-Fi without password
All Dublin / none Av. Parque Águas Claras, Qd. 301 Conj. 4, Lt. 1, Lj. 2 Wi-Fi without password
Fran's Café / none Av. das Araucárias Wi-Fi without password
Johnnie Special Burger / none Av. Araucárias, 1325, Lj. 6 Wi-Fi without password
Sensei Temaki / none Av. das Araucárias, Lt. 1325, Lj. 7 Wi-Fi without password
Quiznos Sub / none Av. das Araucárias, 1325 Wi-Fi without password
Torteria Di Lorenza / none Av. das Castanheiras, 1060, Lj. 20 Free Wi-Fi
Sushiloko / none Av. das Araucárias 1325, Lj. 14 Wi-Fi without password
Piratas / none Av. Castanheiras, 1060, Lj. 26 Wi-Fi without password
Poizé / none Av. Castanheiras, 1060 Wi-Fi without password
Chiquinho Sorvetes / none Shopping Metrópole Wi-Fi without password
Boina Costelaria / none Q. 301, R. D, Lt. 8, Conj. 2 Wi-Fi without password
Giraffas / none CSE 6, Lt. 52/56 Free Wi-Fi
Primeiro Cozinha de Bar / none R. das Paineiras, 6 - Shopping One Wi-Fi without password
Cavaleiros da Madrugada / none One Mall Wi-Fi without password
Cumarim Burger Grill / none Av. Castanheiras Wi-Fi without password
Fogo do Galpão / none QS 3, Lt. 23, Lj. 1/2 Wi-Fi without password
Crepe au Chocolat / none Shopping Quê! Wi-Fi without password
American Prime Steakhouse / none Shopping Quê Wi-Fi without password
Johnnie Special Burger / none Av. das Castanheiras, R. 37 Norte, Lt. 02, Ljs. 1/2 Wi-Fi without password
Manatí - Restaurante e Bar / none R. 37 Sul Wi-Fi without password
Taguatinga Shopping / none QS 1 R. 210, Lt. 40 Wi-Fi without password
Chá da Boa / none QSD 23, Lt. 40 Wi-Fi without password
Koni Store / none Taguatinga Shopping Wi-Fi without password
Koni Store / none Taguatinga Shopping Wi-Fi without password
Mercado 153 / none Taguatinga Shopping Wi-Fi without password
Armazém do Juca / none QSA 23 Lt. 10/12 Wi-Fi without password
Doutor Resolve / none CSB 9 Lote 4 Loja 11 Wi-Fi without password
Dolce Gelatto Gelateria / none Av. das Auracárias, Lt. 2-10 Wi-Fi without password
It Speed Lanches / none CSA 1, Lt. 1, Lj. 4 Wi-Fi without password
Subway / none C 1, Lt. 9, Lj. 6 Wi-Fi without password
Alameda Shopping / none CSB 2, Lt. 1/4 Wi-Fi without password
Estaçāo Praça do Relógio - METRÔ-DF / none Praça do Relógio Wi-Fi without password
Boemia Carioca / none CNA 03 Lote 14 Wi-Fi without password
Recanto do Camarão / none CNA 3 Wi-Fi without password
Santana / none CNA 3 Wi-Fi without password
Xis-Gaúcho / none CNA 4, Lote 1 Wi-Fi without password
Saborido / none QNA 16, Lt. 16 Wi-Fi without password
Sushiloko / none QNA 42, Lt. 10/11 Wi-Fi without password
Restaurants with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
Cafe with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
Coffee shops with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
Fast food with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
Hotels with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
Airport with WiFi in Brasilia Public hotspots: 0
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Brasilia Free Wi-Fi

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How to get free WiFi in Brasilia?

Very simple. To do this, select a WiFi hotspot on the map and view the password or find the nearest open hotspots. The site will also be useful to people who like to travel and for the first time in Brasilia.

Brasilia - all open WiFi hotspots in your smartphone

Install our mobile app for quick access to free internet everywhere. The App contains free WiFi hotspots in Brasilia.

Using your advanced and fashionable smartphone, in offline mode, you easily find the nearest airport wifi places in Brasilia at once upon arrival. It helps you to inform your close ones about the successful flight, chat with friends, check the recent news. Quite naturally, the internet connection that is free and powerful enables you to get the complete tourist information about the transport accessibility in Brasilia, the famous sights to see, the hotel and the way to get there.

Afterward, staying in Brasilia, you get a complete list of the nearest places with free wifi that commonly include:

  • the hotel or motel where you stay;
  • the nearest restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops;
  • libraries and large museums;
  • pubs, pizzerias, coffee houses and various fast food outlets;
  • large trading centers and grocery shops;
  • tourists’ and visitors’ information centers, etc.

Going to eat out, you can easily find the restaurants with free wifi in Brasilia, select the ones that provide the best, high-speed signal to enjoy smooth communication while waiting for the favorite dishes. It lets you share your amazing impressions and photos immediately, find the best sights and routes to plan your perfect trip.

Quite naturally, going by airplane, you won’t be able to use the net or speak on the phone. Virtually all airlines prohibit it. Meanwhile, you can check the available places with free wifi in Brasilia on the interactive map in flight or offline mode, check the reviews about the hotspots and schedule your time. So, enjoy your trip with our mobile app and be informed about the free wifi places.

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