Frequently Asked questions


1. I have a point of Wi-Fi. How to add it?

Go to the section "Adding a new Wi-Fi spots" and follow the instructions. Add a new point will not take more than 5 minutes. All you need to know - the network name (SSID), the name of the institution and the password if the point with a password.

2. How to view passwords from point Wi-Fi?

The map shows points of different colors. Green - free Wi-Fi, yellow - Wi-Fi with a password and it is known, the red - Wi-Fi password, but the password is unknown.
If you are registered on the site, or you have one of the applications, you can see your password by clicking on a point. The password can be copied and used when connecting.
In Android app password can not be seen, the system picks up passwords known.

3. How to find the right city?

3.1. Catalog of countries and cities

All countries in alphabetical order after the map on the home page. Simply select your country, then the city, and the service will automatically display it on a map.


3.2. Search this site

On the interactive map type into the "Enter city or country," the name of the city. Click Search.


3.3. Manually on the map

Find the city can be on the card: Increase the map to see the city and reduce to find the desired country.