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A list of places in Berlin with free internet
In this location there is no current data on the available wi-fi spots. We are working on improving the quality of connections. Thank you!
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Free Wi-Fi in Berlin is a great opportunity to take all advantages of the Internet without paying a penny. Every day thousands of tourists and locals are looking for Wi-Fi hotspots in this city. Its allows them to communicate in social networks, download music, read the latest news, watch movies online and so on without any payments. We decided to help anyone who wants to find a nearby free high speed Wi-Fi access point in Berlin quickly. On this page you can see a special map with all available points of open Wi-Fi in this city. This map is especially useful for tourists who don’t want to pay for the expensive internet in the hotel to connect with family members or, for example, read something about the sights of Berlin.

Where can you find Wi-Fi hotspots in Berlin?

Today wireless access to the Internet is no longer a rarity and is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, many institutions use the opportunity to attract more customers by offering them spots of access to free high speed internet. In response to the search query “free Wi-Fi in Berlin in my area” you will get dozens of institutions.
There is always an appropriate sign indicating the possibility of free internet connection in such places. In some institutions you will need to enter a password on your laptop or mobile device to access the Wi-Fi. Passwords for Wi-Fi networks are usually written on the signs inside the institutions or printed on the checks.

Today, free Wi-Fi in Berlin can be found almost everywhere:

  • in restaurants and cafes;
  • in fast food restaurants;
  • in coffee shops;
  • in bars and pubs;
  • in hotels;
  • in airports, bus and railway stations;
  • in the subway;
  • in public libraries, etc.

In many of these establishments wireless internet connection is available 24 hours a day. You will need to register in the network to access the Wi-Fi in some of them, while Internet access in other ones will not require such action. However, if you are searching for free internet in Berlin, our service will help you to get result quickly and simply.

Free map of Wi-Fi access points

If you are looking for "free Wi-Fi in Berlin near me", we'll give you the kind of high-precision radar. With the help of our map you can get a list of nearby establishments that distribute free Wi-Fi. You can find out the name and location of the institution as well as the network name and even a password to connect to it. Thus, you don’t even have to buy something, for example, in a restaurant, to connect to its free wireless internet if it’s protected by password.

All points of access to free Wi-Fi in Berlin on our map are divided into three types:

  1. Green points. This notation we use for the cafes, restaurants, train stations, libraries and so on which are handing out Wi-Fi without protecting with a password. These access points can be found anywhere.
  2. Yellow points. This color means that connecting to wireless Internet in such institutions is available only for those who have the password. But fortunately we were able to get it, so you can easily enter it and get access to free Wi-Fi.
  3. Red points. These points of access to free public Wi-Fi in Berlin are protected by password which is unknown to us yet. But we’ll make every effort to find out the passwords of all red hotspots as soon as possible.
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