Semarang Free WiFi hotspots

Places with free WiFi hotspots in city Semarang, Indonesia - 94
A list of places in Semarang with free internet
Point type Point name Network name Address Category
Nissin Biscuit Emporium Cafe / none Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Wi-Fi without password
4u (For You) Resto & Cafe Ungaran / none Jl. Letjend Suprapto 78 Wi-Fi without password
Resto Kaliwang / none Jl. Mulawarman No. 49A Free Wi-Fi
lapak lesehan free hotspot trimulyo / none Trimulyo Raya no. 4 Trimulyo Genuk Semarang Free Wi-Fi
Sruput Kahve / none Jalan Soekarno Hatta 187 C Wi-Fi without password
Hegrid Cafe / none Banjarsari 19 A Free Wi-Fi
Waroeng SS / none Jalan Tirto Agung No. 7 Free Wi-Fi
Warung Wasabi / none Jalan Tirto Agung No 77 Tembalang Free Wi-Fi
Umbul Sidomukti / none Sidomukti Wi-Fi without password
Clapper Movie Café / none Jalan Jati Raya No 51 Free Wi-Fi
D'bims ice cream, yogurt & coffee / none Tembalang Wi-Fi without password
McDonald's / none Java Super Mall Wi-Fi without password
Jeesindo Studio / none Jl Tegalsari Wi-Fi without password
Depo Waroeng Ban / none Jalan Tegalsari Raya No. 32 Wi-Fi without password
Sony Mobile Retail & Service / none Jalan Sriwijaya No 59E Wi-Fi without password
Dapur Keju / none Jalan Taman Kendalisodo No. 9 A Wi-Fi without password
Resto n' Cafe Taman Singosari / none Jl. Singosari Wi-Fi without password
RS Elisabeth / none Jalan Kawi No. 1 Wi-Fi without password
River View Cafe / none Simpang Lima Residence Wi-Fi without password
Hotel Ciputra / none Jl. Simpang Lima No. 1 Wi-Fi without password
Pisa Cafe and Resto / none Jalan Diponegoro No. 22A Wi-Fi without password
Mom Milk / none Jalan Muria No. 10 Wi-Fi without password
Hik gaoel beteng / none Beteng 158a Wi-Fi without password
Hotel Santika Premiere Semarang / none Jalan Pandanaran No. 116-120 Wi-Fi without password
Blends Pasta and Chocolate / none Pawiyatan Luhur 27 Wi-Fi without password
Beans Resto & Coffee / none Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo No. 944 Wi-Fi without password
Indische cafe & new imperial / none Jalan menteri supeno no 6 Wi-Fi without password
KA Argo Bromo Anggrek / none Stasiun Semarang Tawang Free Wi-Fi
Urban Bistro / none Jl.Veteran 29A Wi-Fi without password
Gedung Antonius UNIKA Soegijapranata / none Jalan Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Wi-Fi without password
SEMESTA Heritage Hotel & Convention / none Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim 125-127 Wi-Fi without password
Spot Cafe Sri Ratu / none No address Wi-Fi without password
Crown Plaza Hotel Semarang / none No address Wi-Fi without password
Story i Apple Authorized Reseller / none Paragon Lt. 3 Wi-Fi without password
Hotel Merbabu / none Jl. Pemuda 122-124 Wi-Fi without password
Angkringan Ing Teras / none Jalan Pusponjolo Selatan No.28 Free Wi-Fi
KOPI MIRING / none Pamularsih Wi-Fi without password
Mie Kota Kembang / none Tambak Mas I/73 Wi-Fi without password
Gapura Residence / none Jalan Anjasmoro Raya 74 Wi-Fi without password
Bona Caffe Ngaliyan Square / none No address Wi-Fi without password
Restaurants with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 1
Cafe with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 1
Coffee shops with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 1
Fast food with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 1
Hotels with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 1
Airport with WiFi in Semarang Public hotspots: 0
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Semarang Free Wi-Fi

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How to get free WiFi in Semarang?

Very simple. To do this, select a WiFi hotspot on the map and view the password or find the nearest open hotspots. The site will also be useful to people who like to travel and for the first time in Semarang.

Semarang - all open WiFi hotspots in your smartphone

Install our mobile app for quick access to free internet everywhere. The App contains free WiFi hotspots in Semarang.

Using your advanced and fashionable smartphone, in offline mode, you easily find the nearest airport wifi places in Semarang at once upon arrival. It helps you to inform your close ones about the successful flight, chat with friends, check the recent news. Quite naturally, the internet connection that is free and powerful enables you to get the complete tourist information about the transport accessibility in Semarang, the famous sights to see, the hotel and the way to get there.

Afterward, staying in Semarang, you get a complete list of the nearest places with free wifi that commonly include:

  • the hotel or motel where you stay;
  • the nearest restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops;
  • libraries and large museums;
  • pubs, pizzerias, coffee houses and various fast food outlets;
  • large trading centers and grocery shops;
  • tourists’ and visitors’ information centers, etc.

Going to eat out, you can easily find the restaurants with free wifi in Semarang, select the ones that provide the best, high-speed signal to enjoy smooth communication while waiting for the favorite dishes. It lets you share your amazing impressions and photos immediately, find the best sights and routes to plan your perfect trip.

Quite naturally, going by airplane, you won’t be able to use the net or speak on the phone. Virtually all airlines prohibit it. Meanwhile, you can check the available places with free wifi in Semarang on the interactive map in flight or offline mode, check the reviews about the hotspots and schedule your time. So, enjoy your trip with our mobile app and be informed about the free wifi places.

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