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A list of places in Osaka with free internet
In this location there is no current data on the available wi-fi spots. We are working on improving the quality of connections. Thank you!
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Free Wi-Fi in Osaka can be found almost everywhere. Every day thousands of tourists and locals are connecting to the free Wi-Fi hot spots across the city to hang out with relatives and friends, download music, watch movies, learn the latest news, find some information about local places of interest and so on. It’s not practical to pay for the internet connection in Osaka, because there are a huge number of points of free Wi-Fi access to the network. Our service is designed to help you to answer the question “Where the hot spots of high speed open Wi-Fi in my area are situated?” as soon as possible at any time.

Where are Wi-Fi hotspots in Osaka situated?

Today the whole world is committed to ensuring that every person is in touch constantly. Therefore, there are free points of wireless 24 hour network connection in many public institutions and government agencies. In addition, owners of many cafes, restaurants and hotels are trying to attract the attention of potential customers using free Wi-Fi. So now you can find free hot spot and use the internet connection without any payments in many locations in Osaka:

  • in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food restaurants, and so on;
  • in bars and pubs;
  • in hotels and motels;
  • in airport, railway and bus stations;
  • in subway;
  • in public library.

There are enough institutions and places with free Wi-Fi available for tourists and locals in any area of Osaka. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the internet anywhere. The answer to the question “Where I can find free internet near me?” is always not far away. Our service will help you find it in a matter of moments, wherever you are. Just open our map and you will get a radar that displays all the points of free internet connection near you. You no longer need to go to the each institution occurring in the way in search of an access point. Our map is available on any laptop or mobile device.

How to search public Wi-Fi in Osaka with the help of our map?

There are several symbols used in our list of free hotspots in order to make it more convenient and understandable. You may encounter three types of access points on any of our maps:

  1. Green hotspots. This symbol is used to designate the Wi-Fi points that do not involve the introduction of a password for the network. We are working hard to ensure that each of our map of Wi-Fi access points is containing as many of these points as it can be.
  2. Yellow hotspots. If you see this symbol, it means that the wireless access point to the Internet is password-protected. But fortunately we were able to find out the password. You need just only click on the appropriate icon on the map to see password.
  3. Red hotspots. We use this symbol to indicate the access points that are protected by password that is still unknown to us. But we are working on a solution to this problem, and we hope that soon all passwords for Wi-Fi networks will appear on our map. So the problem of registration in network will not exist to you anymore.
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