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A list of places in Tokyo with free internet
In this location there is no current data on the available wi-fi spots. We are working on improving the quality of connections. Thank you!
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Where to find the free Internet in Tokyo?

Japan is a technologically developed country which every year surprises people with the inventions and opening. It is the country very much greater. Tokyo is a capital of Japan, this city uses huge demand among tourists.

In this city many people use the Internet, for them, it is an indispensability. Tourists who come to this city often look for tablets with an inscription about free wifi in Tokyo. But, by virtue of that in Japan all is written in the Japanese language, it is seldom possible to see such signboards in English. For such tourists service, Wi-Fi Space is created. These the arrangement is very easy for using. There is a mobile version which allows using the Internet at any time and in any seat. By the way, service Wi-Fi Space works 24 hours per day.

It is the program works universal and convenient. For visitors, the map of city Tokyo on which streets with names are placed all is presented. Also, on a map are represented wifi hotspots in Tokyo which designate seats in which there is a free Internet. Also, if you know seat in Tokyo which is on the map of wi-fi access points add it on a card. To add on a map a site free the Internet, you need to be registered on service Wi-Fi Space. To make it is possible anywhere. You need to think up only a login and the password and to confirm it through e-mail. At addition of a point, you can choose a category to which it concerns. For example, cafe, restaurant, a beauty salon or hospital.

You can leave the name of a point, its address and other important points for users of our service. Also, you will need to note a point on a map. In such a way you help people to have always the Internet near to yourselves.

Points public wifi in Tokyo allows you always the nobility where near you there is the Internet to which can take advantage. Also, if you have a car or you simply not can to find independently this point with the free internet you can load to yourselves into the phone the navigator. You simply choose the nearest point and the navigator will show you, as well as it is necessary to move to what side to reach the necessary seat. One more advantage of service is that on a map are placed not only streets with the free Internet. But also cafe, libraries, museums, restaurants, shops of coffee, underground transitions, beauty salons, the airports, etc. Also, service provides a good connection and high speed of a radar.

Therefore, you always can find in a few minutes the necessary point with the free Internet. Service Wi-Fi Space offers the clients more than 1000 cities and 10 000 points of the free Internet. Our users very modern and practical. Owing to our appendix they can always use the Internet where they would not be.

Our service helps millions of people becomes more modern. We always remain technologically developed and we improve service Wi-Fi Space. Already now with us more, than one million users which routinely add on some points of the free Internet. We have created the appendix which will make people more developed and will help them to be always in communication with the Internet, in any city of the world!

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