Privacy policy


"Privacy Policy" (hereinafter - the Policy) - a set of rules for the use of personal information services and applications Wi-Fi Space (hereinafter - services and applications, respectively).
Services and applications using the technology Cookies, which is necessary to identify unique users and to facilitate their work with the service or application.

1. Objectives of the processing of personal information

Administration of services and applications may use personal information to:
  • Provide technical support to users of services and applications;
  • Provide links to users for information services, as well as improving the quality of services and applications;
  • Carrying out statistical, marketing and other studies;
  • Use of impersonal material for targeting information and advertising data by sex, age and other factors.

2. Protection of personal information

Administration of services and applications is committed to protecting personal information from unauthorized access, transfer it to third parties, and spread to other sources.

3. The administration of services and applications may transfer personal data to third parties only:

  • With your consent to such actions, including cases of personal settings when the user is not limited to providing information;
  • In the case of transfer of ownership of services and applications to third parties;
  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the administration of services and applications in the event of a breach of the Rules of the use of the user;
  • At the request of the authorized state body or a court under the procedure established by law.
We reserve the right to change the privacy policy.



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