Terms of Use


Service Wi-Fi Space (hereinafter - Service) - an online project designed to search for Wi-Fi points in different cities and countries.

Please, before use of the Service, please read these rules. Rules are mandatory for users of the Service and mobile application Wi-Fi Space for iOS and Android (hereinafter - the application).
This services and applications can be used for informational purposes only. Using services and applications, you agree and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions of services and applications. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not download or install the software from the site.

1. Cookies («Cookies«)

Services and applications using the technology cookies to facilitate your use of services and applications. Cookies are required to identify a unique user by IP-address, operating system and platform.
Personal information data is not disclosed by third parties. For more information you can read in the "Privacy Policy."
Administration Service reserves the right to make e-mail newsletter to users of services and applications, register on the site.

2. Terms of Use

Data on the wi-fi points added to the site. Site users are responsible for the accuracy of the data that is left when Wi-Fi Space.
Users of the site by using the Service and the services it provides, agree to abide by all international laws relating to copyright and any unauthorized copying of materials, designs, patents, trademarks, etc.

3. Service and application Wi-Fi Space may not be used:

  • To send spam;
  • Manipulation of information in order to conceal the true source of the content;
  • Acts contrary to the legislation in force;
  • Placement of offensive, abusive, illegal, and other materials that violate the rights of other users of services and applications;
  • Obtain personal data about other users.



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