London Free WiFi hotspots

Places with free WiFi hotspots in city London, United Kingdom - 761
A list of places in London with free internet
Point type Point name Network name Address Category
Bosco / none 9 Saint Mark's Hill Free Wi-Fi
The Ferry / none 10 Portsmouth Road Free Wi-Fi
The Druid's Head / none 3 Market Place Free Wi-Fi
Artisan Coffee / none 203 Upper Richmond Rd Free Wi-Fi
Caffe Bernado / none 42 Richmond Road Free Wi-Fi
The Glasshouse / none 14 Coombe Rd Free Wi-Fi
Warren House / none No address Free Wi-Fi
Cafe Green / none No address Wi-Fi without password
Seven / none No address Free Wi-Fi
Little Waitrose / none 2 Wimbledon Hill Rd Wi-Fi without password
Pickle & Rye / none 31 Sheen Ln Wi-Fi without password
The Eight Bells / none 89 Fulham High St. Free Wi-Fi
The Breakfast Club / none 5-9 Battersea Rise Wi-Fi without password
Hampton by Hilton / none 30 Dingwall Rd Free Wi-Fi
The Wandle / none 332 Garratt Ln. Wi-Fi without password
Pret A Manger / none 4 Wimbledon Bridge Free Wi-Fi
The Charles Holden / none 198 High St. Free Wi-Fi
Wagamama / none 46-48 Wimbledon Hill Rd Free Wi-Fi
Artisan / none 372 King St Free Wi-Fi
Browns Bar & Brasserie / none 3 Jerome Pl Free Wi-Fi
Pizza Hut / none 105 Clarence St Wi-Fi without password
The Bentall Centre / none Clarence St Wi-Fi without password
Cappadocia Restaurant / none 2 Station Buildings, Fife Road Wi-Fi without password
Holiday Inn / none Leatherhead Rd Free Wi-Fi
Côte Brasserie / none Unit 6 Riverside Walk Wi-Fi without password
The Antelope / none Maple Rd Wi-Fi without password
Caffè Nero / none 3 Victoria Rd Free Wi-Fi
The Boater's Inn / none Canbury Gardens Wi-Fi without password
The Press Room / none 5 Claremont Rd Free Wi-Fi
Patisserie Valerie / none Unit 4, The Griffin Centre Wi-Fi without password
Apple Store / none The Bentall Centre Wi-Fi without password
The Dittons / none Ditton Hill Road Free Wi-Fi
Prezzo / none Unit 6a, The Rotunda, Clarence St Wi-Fi without password
McDonalds / none 70/71 Victoria St Wi-Fi without password
Caffè Nero / none Unit 7, Eden Walk Wi-Fi without password
Costa Coffee / none 34 Market Pl Wi-Fi without password
The Hart's Boatyard / none Portsmouth Rd Wi-Fi without password
Surbiton Railway Station (SUR) / none Victoria Road Free Wi-Fi
Gordon Bennett Bar & Kitchen / none 75 Maple Rd. Free Wi-Fi
Wagamama / none 16-18 High St Wi-Fi without password
Restaurants with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 1
Cafe with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 1
Coffee shops with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 1
Fast food with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 1
Hotels with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 2
Airport with WiFi in London Public hotspots: 1

How can one find a free wi-fi in London?

For those who adore to travel and do not have a permanent access to the Internet we finally have an easysolution that will change your life. With the aid of our site you will have an opportunity to connect wirelesslyto the internet anywhere you are.

Whether you are in a restaurant, coffee shop, public library, your hotel, a pub or if you have just arrive in the airport you will have an opportunity to connect to the internet and find wi-fi hotspots in London.

Public wifi in London

In case you are still wondering how does it work and how can you get passwords for wi-fi networks we canassure you that it is not hard at all. But actually it will be wither for you to search for high speed wi-fi nearyou if you will install our application. Our main aim is to aid all the users and help them with the search of an open wi-fi. This way they will have chance to connect to the internet from everywhere any time of theday 24/7.

On our map of wi-fi access points you will have an opportunity to observe with exact coordinates those hotspots with wi-fi. You wouldn’t have to be anxious over the fact whether or not this wi-fi is free or with a password, because previous users who have used this wi-fi before were kind enough to specify the passwordjust for you. And to use this application is very simple on your mobile phone. By all means it requireregistration and after that one can specify his exact coordinates and check the map for an available wi-fi spot. It is always open for tourists from all over the world.

So when you are wonder «Are there any hot wi-fi spots near me in nearby area?» then all you have to do is to run our special application.

Is it possible for me to find a free internet in London by myself?

And the respond to this question is totally affirmative. After you will set your location then you will have twopossible options to find a free wi-fi, or the one with a password. Memorize that on the map there will be green, yellow and red wi-fi hotspots and the list of them. And from now on you will now that those spotswithout password are green, and the one that have password are red and yellow. It is essential to type downyour coordinated correctly, or you will find yourself without wi-fi at all.

For the first time you will visit our application it will remember the exact location where you were so it willbe possible for you to find a hot spot wi-fi even if you will not got an access to the Internet.

In case you have found out that in your area there is no wi-fi then you can be certain that there is a radarnear you somewhere.

In conclusion we need to say that all you ought to do due to find wi-fi spot is:

  • visit our site and install the application Wi-Fi Space on your mobile device,
  • complete the registration,
  • specify your location in London (for example the name of a fast food you are in, a café or a pub),
  • choose a wi-fi with or without password according to the color.
  • enjoy a free charge high-speed wi-fi for a long time.

From now on you know that it is very simple to connect to the internet even if you’ve never been to this citybefore. Wi-Fi Space is your quick solution to find an access to wi-fi hot spot in no time.

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