You have a point Wi-Fi?


Do you know where there is wi-fi?
Want to share passwords from wi-fi in your favorite coffee shop or hotel?
Are you the owner institution and want to attract new visitors?
All you need to do - is to add a point to the wi-fi card. It's completely free.


Collective Intelligence

Wi-Fi Space - a kind of map of mutual aid. Help wanting to know where nearby there is access to Wi-Fi.

Point wi-fi in our service are added by users. Therefore, if you know where to have wi-fi, add a point, make a contribution to the development of the service.


Free channel to attract new customers

Restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist sites - these are the places where visitors need internet. Add to map point wi-fi in your institution.

This is a free additional channel of new customers. Seeing on the map your restaurant, they will drop for wi-fi and anything ordered.


How to add a point?

  1. Go to add a point.
  2. On the map find the place where you want to mark a point Wi-Fi, and click to place it.
  3. If you have a Wi-Fi hotspots with a password, then select the appropriate option and enter the following data: network name (SSID), password, username (if any) and the name of the institution.
  4. If your point of Wi-Fi is in the public domain, then simply enter the network name (SSID) and the name of the institution.
  5. Select the type of point. This will help users know in advance in which the institution is the point. You can choose from categories: cafes and restaurants, education, arts and entertainment, train stations and transport, shops and salons.
  6. Click the "Add" button.
Now about your institution to know more people, and even tourists from other cities will come to you.



Add a point