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WiFi SPC – Free WiFi
passwords map

WiFi SPC – Free WiFi
passwords map

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WiFi Passwords Map


Countries with free WiFi

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Empowering people worldwide with free internet access

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Free Hotspots Network

Free Hotspots Network

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Connect to Wifi for free around the worldQ! WiFi Map is the largest Wi-Fi community in the World! WiFi Map has 100 million WiFi is available worldwide Wifi Hotspots, passwords & comment from Wifi Map users!

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Connect to Wifi for free around the worldQ! WiFi Map is the largest Wi-Fi community in the World! WiFi Map has 100 million WiFi is available worldwide Wifi Hotspots, passwords & comment from Wifi Map users!

Wi-Fi Space- Free Wifi hotspots on the map

Wi-Fi Space – service to help find Wi-Fi access points anywhere in the world.

The site collected and marked on the map coordinates of all points of access Wi-Fi. That you, being in any city, can quickly connect to the Internet. The map shows which point free, what the password, but from what point of no password.

Wi-Fi Space- is:

  • Current map Wi-Fi access point with a password that is constantly updated.
  • Quick and easy navigation through the map. Just a couple of clicks – and you can see where there is free Wi-Fi.
  • Smart search for  WiFi cafes, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, airports, fast food, cities, regions and countries.
  • Ability to add your own Wi-Fi hotspots with or without a password.

The main idea of the service Wi-Fi Space – help each other

Let’s say you and your friends have visited the cafe or pub, where they learned the password from the Wi-Fi.

Once logged in Wi-Fi Space, you can specify the place and write a valid password there. Other users of the service, being in this area will be able to use these data and quickly connect to the Internet.

You might find yourself in another city too, and will then benefit from the data of other users of the service to share free access points Wi-Fi.

Warning! The program does not crack Wi-Fi passwords networks in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations and other public places. All data on the areas of free Wi-Fi and passwords to provide application users themselves.

Searching for available Wi-Fi networks is always important to:

► Travelers

Going to another country, many travelers are interested in the cost of mobile internet. As a rule, roaming mobile internet costs fabulous money, and in the hotels Wi-Fi is not always free. What to do?

Before the trip, look for available Wi-Fi network on the service Wi-Fi Space. Perhaps this information will help you even get directions.

To map Free Wi-Fi points was always at hand, just install the application Wi-Fi Space, which is available on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

► Businessmen

How often, going on a business trip, you are thinking about is to always be “in the network”?

Someone buys a portable Wi-Fi routers, someone is using the mobile Internet. In any case, you are wasting money, and in fact use the free Wi-Fi can be in any city.

To do this, a few days before the trip, use the search Wi-Fi access points at the service Wi-Fi Space. See where you can not only tasty snack, but also take advantage of free Wi-Fi internet.

How to add a zone free Wi-Fi on the map?

Participate in the development of the service Wi-Fi Space everyone can. To do this you must go to the tab “Add a new Wi-Fi spots” and follow the instructions.

This process is very simple and will not take more than 5 minutes. All you need to do – is to specify the name of the institution, SSID (network name) and password for the Wi-Fi network with a password.

Add Wi-Fi network without a password is even easier. Write only the name of the institution and SSID. When all fields are filled in, select the type of Wi-Fi hotspots, and then click “Add”.

Done! You could help users of the service Wi-Fi Space finding Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi Space in your pocket

Our multi-service. You can use it via the website and mobile applications.

In applications, you can see the next available point wi-fi and add new points.

Map Free Wi-Fi points is constantly being improved

Users of the service Wi-Fi Space daily add new access points and passwords to them.

Free Wi-Fi today is not a luxury but a vital necessity. With Wi-Fi Space you can always find the point of intersection of the real and the virtual world – an access point Wi-Fi.

P.S. If you are having any trouble finding available Wi-Fi networks or password, please contact us through the online form placed on the page “Support”.

Free WiFi Wherever You Go

Free WiFi Wherever You Go is not just a wish today, but a must. The world is constantly changing, and we are a part of it. Today you cannot waste your time and most activities are done on the go. A lot of venues and offices offer Wi-Fi hotspots that are free of charge, and even visitors can use this opportunity. So why pay more? But in fact being a busy person or just not having a chance for this in a foreign country, you don’t have time to look for these locations. That is when our Wi-Fi Space service will be extremely helpful for you.

Social Way of Life

As a young person and active Internet user, you are certainly an active user of social networks, too. Today’s world has changed in this area, and online communication is a big deal today. You’ve got dozens and even hundreds of Facebook or Twitter friends and keep sharing information through the social media. But another great thing of your active social position is an opportunity to get and share a list of free WiFi hotspots. You can get all up-to-date information just in one touch. Moreover, join a community of users who share these data with others.

Free WiFi Map on Wi-Fi Space

If your smartphone is always with you, and you can’t even imagine your life without it, then this socially active position will perfectly fit your lifestyle. Make a contribution into this socially important goal and mark the places with free WiFi whenever you visit them or don’t see them on the app’s map. Use the advantages of our mobile app and find free WiFi hotspots, too. In a foreign country or unknown city district, this can be a big deal. Join our hub of active users and share available Wi-Fi data with the passwords.

Free WiFi Map on Wi-Fi Space is a handy feature on your smartphone. Indeed, Wi-Fi Space is an application with a great and promising future. Once the app is started, you will see your location on the map with a number of icons nearby. They are a sign that you are surrounded with Wi-Fi access points. The color of these icons will tell you whether a nearby location is a free WiFi zone. Even if you need a password to log in, it can be provided by the other users, too. Pay attention to this mobile app, download it on your phone. The app’s list of access points is constantly updated, and you will receive the latest data.


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This site helped me a lot when I’ve traveled to SE Asia and I didn’t have a SIM card.

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I was traveling around the world and WifiSpc has been one of my best kept secrets.

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Wifispc is one of the top travel apps for when you are on the road.”

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