Wi-Fi Space Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) is an internet project designed for finding Wi-Fi hotspots in various cities and countries.

Before using the Service, please carefully read these rules.
The rules are mandatory for users of the Service and the Wi-Fi Space mobile application for iOS and Android (hereinafter referred to as the “App”).

This Service and App can only be used for informational purposes. By using the Service and App, you confirm your agreement and undertake to comply with the established rules and conditions of the Service and application. If you do not agree with the rules and conditions, do not download and install the programs from the website.

  1. Cookies
    The Service and App use cookie technology to facilitate your use of the Service and App. Cookies are necessary to identify a unique user by IP address, operating system, and platform.Personal information is not disclosed to third parties by the company.
    You can find more detailed information in the “Privacy Policy” section. The Service administration reserves the right to send email newsletters to users of the Service and App who have registered on the website.
  2. Terms of Website Use
    Information about WiFi hotspots is added by website users. Users of the website are responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide in the Wi-Fi Space service. Users of the website, when using the Service and the services it provides, agree to comply with all international laws related to copyright and unauthorized copying of materials, design solutions, patents, trademarks, etc.
  3. Prohibited Uses of Wi-Fi Space Service and App
    The Service and Wi-Fi Space App are prohibited from being used for the following purposes:
    • Sending spam.
    • Manipulating information to hide the true source of content.
    • Engaging in actions that violate current legislation.
    • Posting crude, offensive, illegal, and other materials that infringe upon the rights of other users of the Service and App.
    • Obtaining personal data of other users.
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