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Free wifi in Hong kong (everywhere) is very developed and rapid. Somewhere you need to register,somewhere not necessary to do so (to enjoy for free). Hong Kong Airport welcomes each visitor free WiFiwhich available 24 hour. Telecommunications in Hong Kong are complex and are serviced according to thehighest standards of quality (with affordable price). Many hotels offer their guests limitless free internet. Butif suddenly, your hotel is not so generous, do not worry - there are a lot of places where you can get totallyfree access to the Internet.

All free Wi fi-at the government level

The Hong Kong government (as part of a social project GovWiFi) expands the list of places where you havefree access to wireless Internet (all popular public areas). Today, in the 18 districts of Hong Kong operatesmore than 2,300 access points, free Wi-Fi, among them about 400 are located in the most popular touristareas. Free access to the World Wide Web is offered at the Central Ferry:

  1. Terminal №5 (Cheung Chau)
  2. Terminal №5 №3 (Discovery Bay).

While shopping in the large shopping centers you can also connect to the internet completely free.

  1. Harbour City on the Tsim Sha Tsui
  2. Times Square and the Windsor House on the Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong - is a fast-paced business center, where there are an infinite number of connection options and allthis within walking distance, so it is not surprising that in some buses (marked with a special sign) provides afree Internet.

Wifi hotspots in Hong kong- for a small fee

14 subway stations in Hong Kong have their own free internet centers (called iCentres). In most cases, theyare located in the paid areas. Public libraries in Hong Kong are very well equipped with plenty of space towork. You can sit down at a free table and spend the whole day there. Almost every large department of fastfood such as McDonalds, has own hot spots with the open WiFi, and to connect to it, you need to to completea short questionnaire, and then it will be possible to access the internet for 20 minutes. Many coffee shops,such as "Starbucks" after 20 minutes, offer to continue to use free wireless for 5HK $ per hour. You need tosend sms on Y5Zone ISP (For the login number and passwords for wifi networks). Juice bars "Mix" hascomputers with free internet access. Most of the residents of Hong Kong enjoy the mobile Internet. Touristswith smartphones can take advantage of one of the mobile operators, which offers everyone 2-month freewi-fi trial.

Places with a high speed of WiFi in my area

Many tourists in Hong Kong are interested, where they can find nearest café, pubs or restaurants with totallyfree WiFi? Before the trip, they frantically write the following words in the search, for example: near me hotspots, WiFi free for tourist Hong Kong and etc. On the official resource GovWiFi every can find a list ofhotspots. Our website can boast of a map of wi-fi access points, which is constantly expanding that everyonecan find a comfortable place with free wi-fi.

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