How does this work?

Service Wi-Fi Space allows you to quickly find an affordable Wi-Fi hotspots in your city, region, country - no matter where you are.


The essence of the service

Service Wi-Fi Space - a place where users share not only the coordinates of points Wi-Fi, but also passwords to them. Get information about Wi-Fi hotspots, you can use the site as a Wi-Fi Space, and install the application on your mobile phone.


Please note that the crack Wi-Fi passwords using the service impossible. All passwords are specified in point settings Wi-Fi, users of the service have made yourself.


The mission of the project

Our mission - to help the active Internet users always remain "in the network", despite what city or country in which they are located.

To this end, we have created an interactive map where users of services and applications Wi-Fi Space can enter the coordinates of points Wi-Fi. If the point of Wi-Fi has a password, the user can specify it in special settings.


By whom and how points are added Wi-Fi?

Point on the interactive map mark the users themselves. You must register on the site, then go to the page "Add Point Wi-Fi". Users can add two types of points: with the password or without it. Wi-Fi hotspots with public access are green, Wi-Fi hotspots with password - yellow and red.


When you add a dot indicates the name of the institution and be sure to write the network name (SSID). If the point with a password, specify it also. Then select the type of point from the list and click "Add" button.


How to view data point? And how to use the services and applications Wi-Fi Space?

Wi-Fi Space can work in offline mode! All you need - a good time to launch the application and select your area of interest.


The next time you run the application Wi-Fi Space, it displays the map section, where you left off previously. Therefore, even without the Internet, you can find the nearest point of Wi-Fi.


Clicking on the very point of Wi-Fi, you will see all the data on it: what type belongs to what her assessment of users, how far it is from you, whether there is access to the Wi-Fi connection.

Services Wi-Fi Space is particularly convenient to use on smartphones thanks to mobile applications.


Wi-Fi Space - even better than the guide!

Going on a trip, do not forget to look at the map of Wi-Fi Space Wi-Fi hotspots in the city where you want to stay.

With free Wi-Fi access you anywhere in the world will be able to navigate their own route.


Always stay online thanks to Wi-Fi Space!


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