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Applications to search for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Space - a multi-platform service to search for wi-fi points.
In addition to the website, our team has released an application for the iOS platform and Android. To always have on hand a card with the closest points Wi-Fi, we recommend that you install these applications to search for Wi-Fi passwords on your smartphone or tablet.

Program to search for Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi Space - a map of where the marked access point Wi-Fi (free and passwords). Map covers most cities in the world, so you can find free Wi-Fi in travel, business trips, etc.
We tried to make the application easier to use to search for Wi-Fi networks on Android and iPhone was fast and comfortable:
  • Each application is natively as possible. We used the recommendations from the platforms Android and iOS.
  • Pleasant and friendly interface.
  • Current password database, which is updated regularly.
  • Easy sorting point types: red - the password is not specified, yellow - point Wi-Fi password, green - open access.
  • Clear and fast navigation.
  • Ability to add your own access point with passwords.
  • Identification of points of type places.
  • Ability to assess the quality points and relevant information about them.
  • Identify the user's location and search for nearby access points.
  • Offline mode. Area of the map that you downloaded earlier, will be available the next time you run the application without an internet connection.
Program to find Wi-Fi network does not crack passwords! All passwords are presented in the application specified by the users themselves.
Program to find free Wi-Fi, in fact, a "guide", which collected data on the presence of Wi-Fi points in different cities and countries.

iPhone and Android

Applications iPhone and Android differ in functionality. For example, in the Android app you can connect to Wi-Fi directly from the application and implemented an automatic search for available networks.
Of the features of Wi-Fi Space for Android is worth noting intelligent connection, which, if the password is not approached the point of Wi-Fi, automatically starts the selection of available codes.

How is the search for available Wi-Fi networks in applications Wi-Fi Space?

  1. Start Wi-Fi Space. Program to find Wi-Fi points will determine the city where you are, and show on the map the next available network Wi-Fi.
  2. You select the desired network if necessary copy and enter the password, and after a couple of minutes, check your email, update your status on accounts and returns to familiar virtual life.
If you need a scan for available Wi-Fi networks in another country or in another city, just specify the location that you are interested in, and the program will display all access points.

The program to search for free Wi-Fi can help tourists?

If you love to travel the world, while Android and iPhone app for Wi-Fi is designed specifically for you. When planning a trip, you can see the map on the service Wi-Fi Space, after selecting the city where you are going to go.
When you are abroad, you can use the app on your phone, even without an internet connection. Just run the Wi-Fi Space, and the application to search for Wi-Fi passwords will display a map view of your last connection.
So you can find the nearest point of Wi-Fi and free use of the internet. Application may even affect plan your route.
Download the program to search for Wi-Fi users of mobile devices on iOS may App Store, and users of devices running on Android - in Google play.


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