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Map of free WiFi hotspots in Singapore

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How can I find free wifi in Singapore?

For people who admire traveling a great deal of time and for instance have never been to Singapore we canprompt with finding a high speed open wifi literarily anywhere. Actually it is not tricky at all. And we willaid you, all you have to do is to visit our site and complete the registration. It doesn’t matter where you areright now. You can be just walking out of the airport, in a restaurant, coffee shop or in a subway on yourway to a hotel be sure that wifi hotspots in Singapore is somewhere near you.

Where can I find a map of wi-fi access points?

On our site there is a map that’s available 24/7 and you can read about all the possible connections to wi-fi in your area.

It actually will be easier for you to obtain a permanent access to the internet installing Wi-Fi Spaceapplication. Actually the whole intention of this service is to aid others especially those who have never beento this country or city before. No one can doubt the fact that it is actually frightening. But if you are sittingin a pub, other bar or maybe in a public library there is an opportunity for you to find radar and search forwireless connection near your area.

This tool is actually very demanded among tourists from around the world. Supposing you have never used itearlier then you have a great chance of being confused with green, red and yellow light. You shouldremember that green light on the map are for free wi-fi hot spots that doesn’t require the passwords for wifinetworks. And red and yellow spots are for wi-fi with password. But good people who wanted to help youhave already specified the password for you. So it will be completely free of charge to have a dailyconnection to the internet everywhere.

Public wi-fi in Singapore

If you know that soon you are going to visit Singapore on your own or with a several friends then you shouldthink in advance about the possible connection to the internet. Some people do not get that it is verydifficult for foreigners to find a free wi-fi spot without help. They usually seek the mobile internet but afterseeing a price they are usually left without connection to the internet. And in the hotels wi-fi is not free atall. So if you do not want to be in such foolish situation you will have to install the application Wi-Fi Spaceand specify the location where you are planning to stay. Then you will observe where is the nearest freeinternet spot of high speed. Probably there will be list of all spots available near your place, so you will haveto choose either one you prefer.

Making a conclusion we have to go through all the advantages that Wi-Fi Space app offers you:

  • you will obtain an access to free wi-fi spots after you specify you location
  • you can find a hotspot whether you are in a café, bar, restaurant or a hotel
  • one can even add his own wi-fi spot, if there is no such spot on the map, in order to help other tourists
  • the map on our site is being updated all the time

Now tourists from all over the globe do not have to fear that they will be left without any kind of connectionto the internet. Utilizing Wi-Fi Space app you will find a desired wi-fi spot as quick as it is possible!

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