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Cafe with free WiFi

22 июля 2016 - Администратор


A cafe is a place where people meet, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, communicate, and use Internet. The latter mentioned thing is not a necessity, of course, but today’s life in big cities or college hubs and communities cannot be imagined without the global web. Young people love to hang out in cafes, meeting each other, but their live communication does not exclude today’s need to be always in touch with your friends and followers through the social media. A cafe with free WiFi is a nice opportunity for you not to get bored, to be online and share the latest news with your online friends. You sometimes do not even realize a degree of your addiction to Internet. And if you are not ready to sacrifice this habit, go ahead and find a free WiFi cafe near you. Today it is easier than ever due to the Wi-Fi Space mobile app.

Cafe with free WiFi

See Hotspots Anywhere You Go

Wi-Fi Space is a new project that has been launched in order to help urban residents and city visitors including tourists get up-to-date information on any available Wi-Fi hotspot. Cafe or restaurant, airport or public library – you will see connection data on almost any venue near you.

Cafe with free WiFi near me

The app’s principle of work is very simple and has actually been used in a number of third-party mobile apps. However, Wi-Fi Space is an app that has been built with users’ feedback in mind. Luckily, the app lacks various bugs and malfunctioning that were present in the previous products of this kind. Starting Wi-Fi Space on your smartphone or tablet, you will see a map with city parks, subway stations and cafes with free WiFi. Some of these icons on the app’s map will be green, which means that you need no password to connect to them. Others will be yellow, and you will need to look at the available data shared by other users who know the hotspot’s password. In places marked with a red icon on a WiFi cafe locator map, the Internet access is limited due to a secret password.

Be Socially Active With Free Wi-Fi

How can you waste your time, waiting for your friend or girlfriend in a cafe? It’s great if this place offers free Internet access. Then check in here and let all of your Facebook friends know that you are right in this place at the moment. Check out your newsfeed, chat to your online acquaintances, and do whatever you want to – your waiting time will pass by just like one finger snap!

Free WiFi cafes locator map

Oh, and if you are one of those active network users who love to take pictures of everything in front of their eyes, or maybe you just want to make a selfie – go ahead and do it! With free Internet right under your fingertips, it is easy and 100% free. Publish your delicious cocktail in Instagram, and after your eating out is over, call a taxi service via your favorite taxi app. You can do almost anything, being connected to a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can also join the community of Wi-Fi Space active users and share information on free WiFi cafe spots in your surroundings.

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