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City wide WiFi – a great solution for tourists.

City wide free wifi is a kind of free service offered by the administrations of some big European cities with perfectly organized infrastructure. The idea is that wireless internet is provided in each office or building being under the management of the municipal authorities. The hotspots offer enough speed for communicating, watching videos and downloading. In some places the municipal internet is even faster than the flow provided by home webs.

Where can we get free cities’ wifi nets?

If you are going to France or Italy you will definitely be able to find free cities’ wifi nets there. Being a tourist in Florence, for example, you will have to buy a tourist card which costs something about 70 euros. Having such a card you will freely attend the greatest museums, travel city transport and, besides, get 72 hours of free internet. The hotspots are situated all over the city including most famous parks and squares. In Paris you may connect one of 200 hotspots and spend about two hours online. And in Helsinki you can join the network just after landing of your plane.

Who pays for free wifi in cities offering such a service?

It depends on the situation. As we see, free wifi in cities like Florence is partially paid by tourists and mostly by the city authorities. In Helsinki the costs are completely financed by a city budget and are paid by the citizens. We have to say that the sum is not at all expensive when shared between thousands of people and, besides, providers make wireless internet cheaper from year to year because of the constantly growing competition.

Is it quite easy to find a hotspot in a city with free wifi?

It also depends on the situation. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything special to find a hotspot in a city with free wifi. In Helsinki, for instance, the open nets connect you automatically. You don’t have to enter any password or personal data. Another thing is that communication in such webs is not so safe. In some cities you ask other people about the nearby spots or study special brochures.

Are there any services which help us to find the nearest city wifi network?

Users all over the world need such kind of a service very much. To fulfill their needs, the project “Wi-Fi Space” has been created. This is a kind of a social net and an interactive map aimed at providing the users with the information about the nearest city wifi network. Using this service you will be able to find, store and share information about the free spots of wireless internet in any point of the world. Travelers and all other categories of active users will highly appreciate this helpful resource.

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