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Free Wi-Fi at Burger King

15 сентября 2017 - Администратор

The story of free Wi-Fi at Burger King

Actually as important as the food

free wifi at burger kingIf you live in today's digital age, to have a coffee break means for you rather not simply having your coffee with muffins. Or some burgers with Cola in McDonald's, or some burgers in Burger King, the coffee - as well as the lunch-break is not only about the time to eat, but to send a couple of e-mails, read your messages in Facebook, like a bunch of new photos of your friends in the newsfeed – as well. This reality – of being constantly connected and available – has become possible thanks to the two things:

  • Mobile devices, providing access to the Internet;
  • Constantly available Internet connection.

So it becomes clear that to meet the modern consumers’ needs, the restaurants, aside of providing worthy foods, should also provide quality Internet connection (See The Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps).

Does Burger King have free Wi-Fi?

Burger King fast food restaurant chain was founded in 1954, and now is the world's second largest hamburger chain. The chain operates in 13,000 locations worldwide, and has settled in already 97 countries. 11 million visitors are served daily in the Burger King chain of restaurants. burger king free wifi

Being one of the world's largest and most reputable restaurant chains, it could not allow itself to not satisfy the need of its customers, which has already become nearly as important as the need in food – the need in constant, reliable Internet connection. And in April 2014 it has upgraded its wi-fi networks to the "WHOPPER@Wi-Fi" platform.

Perhaps, the customer who couldn't appreciate the free wi-fi at a popular fast-food restaurant simply does not exist nowadays. Still, the wi-fi quality is estimated all the time and compared with the wi-fi quality in restaurants-competitors. Back in November 2015 the quality of wi-fi (based on average download speed) in Burger King restaurants was estimated as the one that gave ground to 4 competitors. However, if we look at customer reviews only, the quality of wi-fi in Burger King is almost impeccable.

The quality of Burger King free Wi-Fi

free wifi in burger king

The presence of wi-fi at eateries became the requirement almost as important as the quaity food. Operating since 1954, the Burger King fast-food restaurants chain along with the tasty affordable foods, also offers free wi-fi for its visitors, what makes the customer experience easier and more enjoyable, as most of them carry smartphones.

Estimated in 2015, the Wi-Fi speed in Burger King did not show the best result, as the Taco Bell chain with 14,29 Mbps did (See how the matters stand in Starbucks here). Still, it presented the good average speed of 3,58 Mbps, and, what's indicative, - no negative customer feedback on the quality of Wi-Fi at Burger King can be found.

Burger King officially announced about launching its upgraded Wi-Fi technology in all of its U.S. locations.

The technology behind Burger King free Wi-Fi access

password at burger kingThe Wi-Fi at Burger King was upgraded thanks to the association with AT&T – one of the world's most honored companies and the communications holding. The AT&T company has accumulated the powerful network resources, such as the country's most quality 4G LTE network, so that it allowed the company to become a leading provider of wireless high-speed Internet, cloud services.

 AT&T has become the brand that helps to develop Wi-Fi connectivity of businesses. AT&T Ready Zone hotspot is the newest easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution. In addition to easiness in installation, Ready Zone covers with the Wi-Fi Internet 2000 feet around the device.

To sum up, the benefits of the AT&T Ready Zone, which became the WHOPPER@Wi-Fi in Burger King are:'

  • Easy and Fast Set-Up – Powered by AT&T Ready Zone solution, WHOPPER@Wi-Fi is easily installable and customizable. Additionally, it is provided with full support from AT&T.
  • Quality Wi-Fi connection for all the BURGER KING@ restaurants – WHOPPER@ Wi-Fi makes the quality Wi-Fi connection in Burger King available over all the country.
  • Enriched experience of Burger King visitors – the Wi-Fi spot allows the restaurant fit the guests' dynamic mobile lifestyles.

To sign in Burger King WiFi: where it's possible?

From Ashburton to Wangarei – the WHOPPER@Wi-Fi is provided all over the country. This means that there can hardly be found the city with Burger King restaurants, where the technology does not work.

Burger King free Wi-Fi: conclusion

In our age the Wi-Fi Internet in eateries became as important, as the tasty food there. People often go to cafeterias to not just have a hamburger with coffee or another kind of tasty meal – they go there also with the purpose to work on their laptops, communicate with business partners or friends. Thus, the opportunity to freely access the Internet in the eatery has become nearly as important, as the opportunity to have a good meal there.

 And for more and more people it's becoming the #1 purpose of visiting eateries. There was even developed a range of applications for smartphones which search for the free wi-fi spots (such as Wiffinity, WIFIMAP, Wi-Fi Finder Free etc.). burger king free hotspot

Being the second largest fast-food hamburger restaurants chain in the world and the symbol of American food, Burger King restaurants cannot ignore such an imperative of the time. So, this chain of restaurants, starting from April 2014, has launched the WHOPPER@Wi-Fi technology in partnership with AT&T. And until that moment the fast-food hamburger restaurant chain had already had the free wi-fi networks.

Lauching the WHOPPER@Wi-Fi technology on the basis of the AT&T Ready Zone hotspots was the definitely worthy initiative: easy in set-up and installation plug-and-play solution from AT&T – the leading company in communications, covers with the Internet the 2000-feet area around the spot, and provides quite good download speed.

Wi-fi Burger King speed actually is not one of the highest possible and, comparing to other several fast-food chains, is rather average one. However, concerning the Wi-Fi Internet, no negative customer feedbacks can be fouind. free burger king hotspot

The new Wi-Fi technology in Burger King restaurant chain is provided all over the U.S., in all the cities where the chain operates. Settled in 97 countries, serving 11 million people daily, free wi-fi in Burger King is present in all of its locations: you can fing Burger King wifi in Uk, detect Burger King wi-fi in Canada etc.


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