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Smart era – smart restaurants

Nowadays, even in a restaurant with the most delicious food, to simply sit or stand and eat the food, sipping some drink is not enough for diners. And here we talk not about the communication with friends in the cafe, but something each person can do on his on, one's individual business - to check one's email, share photos in social media, publish a post, communicate with a friend in the Internet.

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Such an experience is possible only when a restaurant has free Wi-Fi. Without this option, cafes and restaurants look rather nferior. And when enabled, the free Wi-Fi feature can even revive the business, what exactly happened with the chicken restaurant chain KFC.  

The free Wi-Fi and story of the KFC business

One of the world's leading restaurant chains, KFC, became the symbol of generations, the symbol of American culture. It has spread over many countries, conquered many markets, and everything was fine until.. until the epidemic bird flu appeared, and almost simultaneously with it - the scandal of the poultry satiated with antibiotics.

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It looked like the time said "No" to the poultry, and, of course, it reflected on the chain's sales:  for example, in China the sales got 4% down. However, though dramatically confused, the chain management in China initiated the restaurants' makeover, in result of which the sales went 19% up as compared to the previous year's. 

And the main factor was the initiation of the free KFC Wi-Fi. Aside of the Wi-Fi, it was also about some changes in the design: inside the restaurant the atmosphere became like of a cosy cafeteria: wooden furniture, low lighting, some began saying KFC became more like Starbucks, than McDonalds.

This transformation led the KFC chain out of the depression, as the restaurants became not just a place to have an inexpensive fast food meal, but the place where it's comfortable to spend time in a company of friends, watching videos on Youtube, online translations, photos, as well as to have a good time alone - communicating through social media, reading interesting materials, working on a project etc. 

The free Wi-Fi at KFC made the experience of the visitors richer - the number of visitors grew, as several teenagers can buy one drink and share it for everyone just to have the free Wi-Fi access. The KFC restaurants in other countries also have been transformed.   

The specifics of free KFC Wi-Fi

KFC wifiConnecting to the free Wi-Fi at KFC is simple: a diner must simply connect to the unsecured KFC Wi-Fi spot, then, after launching the browser, he is addressed to the KFC landing page, where he's asked to register, and after this step, he is free for any Internet-activity.

Free Wi-Fi spots in fast-food chains are famous for the quality connection with the good speed provided. For example, many students, while preparing their course works rely more on the Internet from the fast-food restaurants, such as McDonalds, than on the Wi-Fi available in public libraries. 

 The free Wi-Fi at KFC shows rather good quality and speed, and was estimated by the Rotten WIFI as a fast-food chain which takes the 7th place in the rating of the 8 fast-food chains with free Wi-Fi. 

But even though in this rating KFC showed not the best result, leaving behind only the Wendy's chain, it provides the speed high enough to read the Facebook feed - 1,87 Mbps. With such a speed it's possible to watch videos as well - you should just give it a moment to load. 

Still, we should remember, that the Wi-Fi speed and connection quality are not something constant and unchangable - the service is all the time improving. Moreover, KFC diners from European cities, such as Prague, Paris, according to the reviews posted at the website, are content with the quality of the free KFC Wi-Fi.  

It is now difficult to find a KFC restaurant where there's no free Wi-Fi Internet, even if we're talking not about  the US or the UK or China: the service is provided (or is to be provided) in every KFC restaurant in all the locations where the KFC chain functions. 

And it has practically no sense, even if it can be found: the Wi-Fi might be soon provided in the place. In 2014, less than a year after the campaign of providing the free Wi-Fi at KFC restaurants was started, this task was much easier. Now - name any big city, and all the KFC restaurants there will have the free Wi-Fi spot - almost for sure! 

The pros and cons of the free KFC Wi-Fi

 Speaking about the pros and cons of the service of the free Wi-Fi at the KFC chain, the pros are: 

  • the normal speed (sufficient to read the Faceook feed, work, watch videos with some pauses to allow the content to load); 
  • easy login and access to the service (as the Wi-Fi spot is unsecured, what makes it far easier for a diner to access the Internet). 

But the same things, considered differently, are also the cons: 

  • the speed lower than average (as compared to the other fast-food chains, at least, as mentioned in the Rotten WIFI rating); 
  • the access demanding registration (as mentioned above, the Internet is provided only after the registration on the landing page the user reaches just after the browser is opened). On the other hand, this can be considered a disadvantage only from a hurrying user's side.  

The conclusion

wifi at kfc

In the today's technologically developed world, where almost everyone has a smartphone, or tablet or another smart device, it is impossible to build a successful restaurant business, grounding it only on providing customers with the tasty food. Today it can already be considered the tantalizingly constrained experience! 

People having smart devices (and in cities most of the people own them) can significantly enrich their time spent in restaurants, when they have free and fast access to the Internet. It can make people stay significantly longer in a restaurant, buying significantly more than if there was no Internet.

The KFC restaurants chain for many years, even decades, has been one of the most popular chains in the US, and has conquered the top positions in some foreign countries too. Still, the business could have been ruined after the epidemic bird flu onset and antibiotic-tainted poultry scandal in 2013 - unless, the management have not make some key transformations, one of which was the introduction of the free Wi-Fi in KFC restaurants. According to the Rotten WIFI rating, the free Wi-Fi in restaurants KFC is not about the really good speed, still - the consumers are usually content with its quality.  

Should you need to get more information on the Wi-Fi in fast-food restaurants chains, you can also read about Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks or Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds. You found yourself in the unknown city and need the free Internet very much? = There's a great choice of apps finding free Wi-Fi spots – read about The Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps!

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