Free Wi-Fi in MCDonalds

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You would think that all restaurants would offer WiFi with the available technology. However, that is not the case. To find a restaurant with WiFi, you probably just need to follow the golden arches to McDonald's.

How Many Locations free Wi-Fi in McDonald's

In the U.S., there are 11,500 McDonald's free WiFi locations so that you check your emails or read the latest news on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is a great benefit to be able to go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy free access to your online content.

Wi-Fi in McDonald

Do All Locations Have WiFi

There are 17 McDonald's near me with WiFi and none without it. Virtually all locations include it. Use Wi-Fi Space to found nerby McDonald Wi-Fi.

Checking if a Location Has Wireless Internet

Make sure that you check whether your device has Wi-Fi turned on and available, and verify that the location you wish to visit has it. To check whether a McDonald's with WiFi near me has WiFi, I open the available networks for my device's WiFi service. If the restaurant has it, it will appear in the list of available networks.


Connecting to the using McDonald's WiFi requires you to have a Wi-Fi-enabled device. While virtually all modern laptops and mobile devices support Wi-Fi, older computers may not always have a built-in Wi-Fi antenna. Your local computer or electronics store may, however, be able to supply you with an external Wi-Fi antenna that you can connect to your computer via USB.

Connecting to the Network

Here is how to get McDonald's WiFi. Grab McCafe or burger and follow these steps:

  1. Click the Network icon in your taskbar, then find Wayport_Access from the list of networks.
  2. Tap on Wayport_Access to connect.
  3. Enjoy

Security Warning

Public networks such as McDonald's WiFi access are not secure. (Secure networks trigger a padlock on the WiFi symbol.) To protect your data from prying eyes:

  • Do not exchange sensitive data over public networks.
  • Only use websites with an encryption protocol.

Security Precautions

In addition, while using McDonald's free WiFi you may wish to connect via a virtual private network while browsing the Internet. Many people have access to a VPN through their employer, but if your employer does not provide a free VPN connection, you have the option of purchasing VPN access from a variety of online providers.

How Wireless Internet Works

I was wondering, "How does McDonald's WiFi work?" I use WiFi all the time, but never looked up how it works before. As it turns out, Wireless Internet uses radio waves to send information across a network. Your phone, tablet or laptop has a wireless adapter that picks up the signal so that you can get your content. This signal is tranmitted via an antenna to a decoder, or router.

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