How To Connect To Free Wi-Fi at McDonald's

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Wi-Fi connection is largely provided for free in 11,500 McDonalds restaurants nowadays. It is convenient and beneficial and it seems that it was ever thus. However, this great opportunity is enabled since 2010. 5 years before, the first McDonalds retail location with Wi-Fi service appeared and it was offered for playing Nintendo video games with the meal. At first, customers were charged $2.95/ 2 hours for this additional service, but now millions of people around the USA use McDonald’s Wi-Fi connect for video watching and surfing the global network without any time limit and for free.

Wi-Fi at McDonalds

How Do I Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Quite naturally, a suitable device (a smartphone or a laptop) is necessary. In most of the restaurants 2.4 GHz frequency for McDonald’s free WiFi is supported as is it easy to maintain and cost-effective. Popular modern devices (tablets and mobile phones) support it. 5GHz frequency standard will be supplemented soon as this frequency band enables faster data processing. It is perfect for streaming HD video, but it hardly penetrates walls, so using McDonald’s free Wi-Fi connect outdoors, based on high frequency may be complicated.

Meanwhile, every restaurant is free to select its own bandwidth, so speed may be different in various locations. So, if you need McDonald’s Wi-Fi get connected, your device is to come with a built-in or external Wi-Fi antenna.

Thus, to get McDonald’s Wi-Fi gratis:

  • connect to the available wireless network;
  • visit any website;
  • you are automatically redirected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi login page;
  • select “Free Connection”;
  • accept the Wi-Fi terms of agreement, if necessary;
  • click “Continue” button;
  • get access to the Internet and greeting from McDonald’s Company.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi login is not required and many devices are set up to connect automatically, without any additional confirmations.

Does McDonald’s Have Wi-Fi?

11,500 out of 14,000 McDonald’s outlets within the USA offer mcd free Wi-Fi. Certain owners-operators, mainly in rural and not heavily populated areas may prefer to disable the service. Meanwhile, to check if the particular restaurant offers it, visit McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection page and enter your location’s zip code. The service can be called “AT&T”, it’s the same as “Free Wi-Fi”, as the carrier is selected for cooperation, being large, reliable and very popular within the USA.

Is McDonald’s Wi-Fi Really Good?

According to the recent study that was performed using the advanced OpenSignal mobile app, the average download speed in multiple McDonald’s restaurants is 4.187 Mbps that is much faster than in other eateries chains. For example, Best Buy provides only 3.879 Mbps, taking the honorable second place.

How to Use McDonal’s Free Wi-Fi in Safe Way?

mcdonalds free wifi

The networks are public and, therefore, unsecure. McDonald’s free Wi-Fi login is not required and it means that your sensitive data can be used by everybody. Thus, it’s highly recommended to use the public network for the necessary information surfing exclusively. Please, avoiding online shopping and especially paying, using a credit card or another eCommerce payment system. Checking private emails or profiles in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is neither advised.

If you are still pressed to do so, use encryption protocol when you prefer McDonald’s Wi-Fi sign up. Visit only secure websites that is the ones that start with Https:/. A padlock icon that is placed in the URL box also means that your information is securely protected.

Safe McDonald’s Wi-Fi connect procedure involves:

  • contacting particular stores, ensuring personal and financial data protection;
  • turning off sensitive information sharing feature on your devices (tablets or laptops) It has to be safely performed at home, in the device’s control panel, before McDonald’s free Wi-Fi sign in;
  • firewall using.

This way, millions of American citizens and tourists worldwide use free Wi-Fi at multiple McDonald’s locations for free and safely.

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