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Free WiFi for all active users.

All mobile phone users require nearby Wi-Fi from time to time. These locations are to be found easily, as we are always pressed in time and rapid action is a basic competitive edge of all contemporary hurriers. That’s why, solving any professional tasks on the way or trying to find any useful information for the household or entertainments, we are to avoid wasting our precious time and look for Wi-Fi connection near me. Standing in a traffic jam or going by train, traveling around the country or abroad, we can surf the net easily, work online, communicate with friends or solve any relevant tasks, avoiding any irritation.

Free WiFi near me

Quite naturally, everybody needs relaxation and some rest, but getting free hotspots or places with free Wi-Fi near me is frequently required. Meanwhile, asking your neighbors or friends about their favorite areas and sticking to just a few of them every day is not the best solution.

Open Wi-Fi Near Me: Is It So Easy to Find the Places?

The relevant information is especially essential for travelers that prefer to avoid roaming mobile internet that is commonly provided for the excessive cost. Businessmen that often go on various business trips to multiple large and small cities, need to be online every moment.

Thus, when we ask: “Where are the places with Wi-Fi near me”, an urgent and accurate answer is required. Fortunately, locations that provide the service are multiple and diversified. Any hotel offers internet access for the guests, but not always for free. Additionally, multiple cafes and restaurants invite you for taking some food, offering you to surf the net by meals for free.

Meanwhile, searching for fast, public Wi-Fi near me this way, we waste some time sticking to the certain places with spots that enable limited access.
Thus the information about the free, adjacent hotspots is essential for all active, modern and forward-looking internet users. A new, promising project “Wi-Fi Space”, is dedicated for turning these dreams into reality.

The Project Benefits

The project that helps every city resident or traveler to find fast Wi-Fi near me is really advantageous and well-timed. The service aims to create a friendly, convenient zone for every smartphone or laptop user. Using “Wi-Fi Space”, I immediately get information about the hotspots, providing free Wi-Fi near me now, check the icons in an interactive map and avoid wandering idly and wasting time. The basic project’s features are:

  • multi-service use, that is using a mobile application or visiting a website;
  • unlimited coverage territory;
  • free data usage;
  • 24/7 service availability;
  • possibility to share newly discovered networks with your friends or everybody.

A Wi-Fi interactive map is available worldwide offering the up-to-date information to all users without any exception. The map is constantly improved as multiple service providers add new hotspots and Wi-Fi passwords near me every day for your convenience. If you find new ones that have not been discovered and indicated on the map yet, you can share the info with your community easily.

You can do most activities and communicate people on the go, and active social position is highly appreciated. Additionally, 24 hour Wi-Fi near me is provided, so your everyday schedule can be the most efficient.

How to Discover Free Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Just open the map and connect the adjacent spot.

How to Start Using the App?

Users just pass simple registration process, get access by password and login and get a full list of applications. Selecting any of them, you get a useful, interactive map. For the most time-saving operations, enter your location data and get the list of the adjacent hotspots. The service is operable in offline mode, and the previous settings are always saved. So, now you easily identify the fastest free Wi-Fi near me.

Free WiFi near me in application

Wi-Fi Space Benefits

The project lets me get comprehensive information about free Wi-Fi near my location immediately and without any efforts. Additionally, I get the following advantages:

  • high speed, relevant downloads on the maps;
  • getting free reviews and passwords to the adjacent WiFi hotspots;
  • estimating the spot-my location distance;
  • iPhone screen optimizing;
  • opportunity to rate and review the point;
  • full-scale offline use, etc.

Therefore, using “Wi-Fi Space”, I get free Wi-Fi. So I can use efficiently and opportunistically.

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