Restaurants with free WiFi

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The market is full of mobile apps of different kinds. Many of them offer information on the Internet access in various places of a city. Wi-Fi Space is becoming more and more popular for the reason that it has managed to become your mobile finder of venues that offer free wifi in your current location.

Free Wifi in restaurants

Wi-Fi Space is an app with a difference. You may have met dozens of similar products at the mobile market of apps on Android and iOS, but all of them seem to lack something in their features or suffer from malfunctioning. Wi-Fi Space’s interface is easy to understand, while the app’s work is understandable and simple.

Wi-Fi Space in Action

Let’s say you need to find venues with free WiFi. Restaurants, for example. Wireless Internet is a big deal nowadays and you never know when and where exactly you may need it. Using Wi-Fi Space you will navigate the surrounding area on a subject of hotspots. The app will specify your location showing a digital map and you marked with a special icon on it. Walking or driving down the street the map will change with your moving. Except for the icon of your location you will see red, yellow and green icons of various public organizations and venues that have free wifi or require a password for using their network.

Restaurants with free WiFi

The green-colored icon means it is a library or restaurant with free WiFi, where you will need no password to enter the network. The yellow-colored venue will require a password to log in, while red icons mean a limited wifi hotspot, which means that the password is secret and known only by a limited group of people. Passwords are regularly shared by the app’s users, and you can join the community, too. The information is constantly updating.

Restaurants that Have Free WiFi in Your Area

Restaurants that have free WiFi in your area can be found just in one touch thanks to the installed Wi-Fi Space. Having a dinner with your sweetheart or a family banquet you may need Internet for staying in touch with your partners. Or you can be one of those users who like to picture themselves in various places they’ve visited.

Restaurants that have free Wi-Fi in your area

Pubs with free Wi-Fi are preferred by today’s consumers, too. It is far better to watch your favorite team playing and simultaneously share their results with your friends in social networks right here and right now. Bars with free Wi-Fi are liked by visitors, too, for the reason you can take a picture of your happy group of friends and publish it on Instagram in a few seconds.

Always stay online with Wi-Fi Space in any situation and area! And join our club, too. Help our team of developers make the app even better via your feedback and useful comments.

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